Mediocrity Galore!

There is no measuring the level of disgust I feel right now. Nor the level of angst. Nor the level of sheer terror. 80s flashbacks notwithstanding, it is the mediocrity of it all that is at the heart of it all, at the heart of the way I feel.


2:00 pm. Send in the clowns. 

And what clowns they were. The great majority of those gathered to demonstrate their “support of the President” were children and teenagers, all too happy and jubilant to be taken out of their schools to have a bit of fun, walking down the streets waving flags, giggling, pushing, shoving, running around, stopping cars, forcing the helpless drivers to let them hitch a ride so they can wave the flags from the windows – free to create havoc in the name of the President and the homeland. Oh what show of strength that was.

This is the essence of my disgust: our leaders can’t tell the difference between mediocrity and strength.

Still, even a mediocre inquisitor has sufficient power to detain and torture. This is the essence of my fear. And my terror. My would-be torturer will be a mediocre figure, working for a mediocre President, in a mediocre country, going through mediocre crises, that could have been averted through the application of a mediocre amount of wisdom (they had none), still the torture will be no less painful.

The sign posted next to my apartment block says: “We are all with you…”

to the bitter end, of course. For what other end could the likes of him offer for the likes of us?

PS. Even yesterday’s mediocrity was somewhat more mediocre.