A Heretical Quarterly Report!

Security interrogations began, and ended… A travel ban was imposed, then lifted… The expansion of the Tharwa Team continues apace, funding worries notwithstanding… Committing “suicide by media” remains a tempting, perhaps even alluring, prospect… Khawla’s breast tumors were finally diagnosed benign, late yesterday.

Troubles keep coming our way, for one reason or another.

But we continue to prevail, somehow.

Indeed there is a god for heretics.

Regimefall might be upon us soon,

Or a new regimerise, who cares?

The immediate matters not for us, you and I –

We are here for the long haul.

Together we will make a better world still.

Together, we are a better world.

Come what may…

5 thoughts on “A Heretical Quarterly Report!

  1. ameenbon courage et bonne santé a votre femme et les bataux avançe toujour avec le vent

  2. Um, the marines are on the eastern border of Syria, not the west. Either way, this guy’s in lebanon right now.

  3. Aside from the political reporting that dominates the blogs, I am quite happy to hear Khawla has some very good news. Our prayers are with her ans all peoples in the region for safety and good health.Regime change is coming as it is inevitable. How you get there is the only question.I would like to hear how the folks in your part of the world feel about the artillary exchange between Hizbullah and Israel out of Southern Lebanon.Is someone trying to get attention back on the boogie man in Israel to get the heat off themselves?This is a dangerous game and it must not be played. The folks in the US will have to take swift action if this continues to ensure Israel stays out of the fighting. The US can not afford Israel screwing up any chance for peace in the Middle-East regardless of how they are provoked. What’s your thoughts on this matter as Hizbullah is funded by the governments of Syria and Iran?.

  4. Pleased to read that Khawla has no malignancy. I like your blog. In many ways I feel a kindred spirit even though I live in “enemy country” Israel.I found your blog by chance and I value your progressive attitude towards religion, which has a tendency to create divisions between people.Thanks for your comment on my newly built blog. May you have good luck in your needed endeavours.

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