M’enfin Oui, C’est Fini!

While mice were busy pretending they were lions in Damascus, Arabs and Kurds were at each other’s throats in Qamishly, and kidnappings of businessmen continued in Aleppo, where Islamists have made sure that alcohol is effectively banned.


Is there any doubt left that something is indeed boiling in the country? 

Meanwhile the Congress of Ambitious Mice has reportedly accepted the long anticipated and quite meaningless resignation of the country’s VP.

For her part, the Congress’s spokesperson, Minister Shaaban, basked in the waning glory of a final spotlight as she reported with Sahhaf-like confidence on the meaningless chatter taking place in the background.

For while some Baath varieties have gone with a bang, others seem destined to go with a shy and incredulous whimper. Fortune’s fools flourish briefly than they die – a minor flash in a rotted pan.

Adieu comrades and good riddance.

3 thoughts on “M’enfin Oui, C’est Fini!

  1. Effectively banned in Aleppo, but evidently not in Syria. Fortunes fools increase their longevity by reducing the assault on their livers. Doubting you are finished yet.

  2. OH, I needed that…C’set fini?!!! well, i doubt it… I’d like to have “6 Days That Rocked Syria”… 😉

  3. Banning alcohol was a social statement.Syrians could never be seen drinking goo bourbon, smoking Marlboros or betting on a horse because it is way too much like freedom of choice. The folks might turn into Kentucky rednecks.

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