The Meaning of the End!

There is a story in the Qur’an about King Solomon, well, a story about his death to be specific. He is said to have died while standing on a hill leaning on his wooden staff. Watching from afar, the Djinn continued to do his bidding thinking that he was still alive. The Djinn only knew that Solomon was dead when earthworms ate through his staff and his body collapsed. 


The Syrian regime is Solomon, the Baath is the staff, the Syrian people are the Djinn.

The mediocrity of the Baath Party Congress has just demonstrated to one and all that the Syrian Regime is defunct. Yes, it can still crackdown, imprison, kill and destroy, but it cannot reform itself or the country. The Baath is no longer a viable institution. As hard as it wants to, the regime can no longer lean on it. In fact, it has just collapsed under the regime’s weight.

How long will it take for the Syrian people to accept and acknowledge the collapse of the Baath Party and the death of the regime?

Well, it all depends on how many people there are that are still willing to think like our Minister of Expatriate Affairs, Bouthaina Shaaban, when she said: “if the there were no Baath we will invent it.”

Accepting the regime’s death means accepting responsibility for the reform process. Since this is an increasingly difficult well-nigh impossible task, and since most opposition parties and dissident movements have no clue how to go about it, they are unlikely to accept the death of the regime, not even when they too eventually collapse until its deadweight.

The voices of reason around are few, but they can still make a difference if they came together. A lively presence in a sea of death can still make a lot of difference, even at this late stage.

But I dare not hope.

7 thoughts on “The Meaning of the End!

  1. Don’t lose hope Amarji, for without hope, there is only dispare. That will not help your people.

  2. a variation: perhaps the staff has not yet collapsed. the worms have gnawed much of it away, and it makes a far weaker prop than it once did. it is starting to buckle. but nonetheless, the staff still supports the expired regime. the regime will stand until the staff is eaten all the way through. then the most important question is: who are the earthworms?

  3. Ammar my brother:Never give up hope. Hope is what keeps us seeing the light of day. Just go ask a Boston Red Sox fan.Bashir & friends are having a farewell party. You should have a welcome party with your other 178 friends.Birth is painful and bloody. That is just the way God made things. It is good to be an uncle. Sit in the waiting room full of anticipation and joy. Then pick up the bill after the blessed event occurs.Sometimes we need to be in the delivery room for encouragement, but usually not. Just encourage the parents and pray for 10 fingers and 10 toes. Love it no matter if it does not.My brother, you are about to give birth to a new nation. Be afraid as we always are. Be proud as we always are. Be humble as we always are.If you were Catholic, which you aren’t, then get drunk. I’ll send cigars. It’s much better than Marines.

  4. In addition, Paul sens his best and asks of your Iranian friends are ready also?Just call. You know the number.The guys.

  5. What of Lebanon, and their influence on the Baath Party in Syria? The end is near, if not close. The people are the key, both in your country and Iran. Lebanon may show the way, but Iraq will be the catalyst.

  6. I’ve started a blog pushing for a new Pan Arabism, come check it out. Let me know what you Elsahy

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