The Heretical Patriot!

What spin can I really put on the “suicide” of Ghazi Kanaan? Here are my considered two bits, emotions and disgust aside:


Regardless of whether Kanaan committed suicide, was made to commit suicide or was killed, his death in this manner comes at this time, simply serves to deepen the crisis of the Syrian regime. 

There is no way out now. No way. The putrification of our souls continues, as indeed it must. The air is simply too rancid. We breathe in poison, we breathe out death. Syria has long become a country of the walking dead. A serialized horror show waiting for syndication.

Did I say emotions and disgust aside? Is such a thing really possible? Can I ever speak of anything Syrian without emotions and disgust protruding into my every word? Have I really been afforded that luxury at anytime in my life?

Patriotism! What a meaningless word this is! What a foul concept! In the name of patriotism we will soon be asked to rally behind a dead regime that can only lead us to the slaughterhouse. And in the name of patriotism we will. Yes, we will all begin to slaughter each other soon, so that a dead regime can “live on.” But the bloodlust of that vampire motherland of ours can never be satisfied. Once the slaughter begins it will not stop.

But the regime is already dead. The people are already dead. Zombies will be slaughtering each other soon for the sake of a Vampire Queen, why should I care? Why should I care? I must be a fucking patriot to care. Who would have thought? Who would have thought?

One thought on “The Heretical Patriot!

  1. I think there is a difference between a zombie and a patriot. Its unfortunate, however, that the zombies tend to mistake themselves as patriots.

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