The Striped Heretic!

The Here-and-Now has never meant anything to me. My peace of mind and soul is forever to be sought and found elsewhere and at some future date that I can never reach. The people who love me, and whom I dearly love, have always been able to sense this about me, and they’d love to hate me for it, I guess. But, so far, they have not. 


I have proven to be a difficult person to hate somehow, at least, once that initial barrier of love has been crossed. Indeed, I have always been the striped sheep of the family. I do as much good as I do harm, I inspire as much excitement and hope as I do frustration and disappointment. My selfsame acts seem to have that dual effect somehow. This is to be my legacy I guess, and, one way or another, it will have to do. It will have to do.