Of Mehlis & Cialis!

Another nail has been hammered into the Syrian regime’s coffin. But, and while the regime seems poised to receive more doses of the Mehlis treatment, the opposition appears more desperately in need of a Cialis treatment if it is to rise up to the challenges ahead.


Unfortunately for the Syrian people, neither they nor their leaders are truly virile where it counts. Still, they both have plenty of fodder to spare for the looming battle of the impotents. 

But let’s make a noteable exception here for the heroic stand of our 70-something communist dissident, Riad al-Turk, who showed no lack of balls yesterday when he called on the Syrian President to resign from office. Despite his age, Mr. al-Turk seems to be the only one out there with the right kind of virility.

2 thoughts on “Of Mehlis & Cialis!

  1. I’m chuckling.Not because of your post, but at the idea of Bu$hCo aligning itself with a Communist.They are much more comfortable with religious zealots.

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