Brennt Paris?

Indeed, Paris is burning again, but this time the fires are of its own making. Listening to French officials lambasting the Arab-African communities for their days of riots, I am reminded of the rhetoric of American segregation proponents of the 1950s. France is way behind the times when it comes to integration. 

But riots are not enough to help France’s Muslims to deal with their problems. A Muslim equivalent of Martin Luther King Jr. is needed here. Hell, even a Moroccan Malcolm X will do. But there are no leaders to be found. Arabs can only produce terrorists and dictators these days, but no leaders. Leaderless people cannot but inspire disdain.

This is not meant to whitewash French racism of course. But, if MLK has taught me anything it is that racism cannot be truly opposed until its victims learn how to stop thinking and behaving like victims.

We need leaders, and if don’t have them, we need to learn how to give birth to them, how to raise them, how to make them. In order to do this, we have a lot of introspection to do, and a lot of heresies to conjure, learn and practice, all sorts of heresies.

Heresy is freedom. But heresy means more fire as well, albeit a different kind of fire.

3 thoughts on “Brennt Paris?

  1. The problem with assuming the role of heretic is that you immediately lose control and influence over the very people you are trying to reform.What is the source of your urge to reform, I wonder? Obviously, you, like many others, feel–know–that something is wrong. But, motives? You have no material motives, unlike the house of Assad. So it must be deeper… but what is it, exactly?

  2. les nuits de paris on flame meme les autres villes m ais en sais pas quant ça sesse sarkozi il veut pas demessionee né dialogué avec les jeune .le contrere il a renfourçé la forçe avec des poliçié et du materiels de gere.apres chaque assasina d un jeune non français(arab africain ext)ils avait des manifistation et le soir une gere avec la poliçe :mais cette fois si la gere et longue et les nuit on flame et les perdens sont toujour les meme :des habitans de quartier qui perd leur voiture ou comerçe ou les ecolesmais sa sere a rien de brulés tous ça puisque la voitue de nicola sarkozi et bien protéger et il est toujour dans son post de travail

  3. We can not know what is in heaven and even if we could, we would be incapable of comprehending it. Those who stand amoung us claiming to understand God are liars. It is far, far beyond human intellectual capacity to grasp even the simplest of things that reside in heaven or the afterlife. But what we do have and what every person is capable of understanding is the thing that God has given us on earth. Life and the genetic codes which sustain it. As such, God lives within every being. We can not aspire to know God in heaven until we first learn to respect God on earth. I do not think you are a true heretic. You simply reject worshipping God in heaven at the exclusion of showing respect for God on earth. Those who wish to ignore god on earth to further their own material or spiritual greed do not like you. You expose their hypocrisy and they apply the label “heretic” to all that you say. But that is a label that only God himself can truly apply. Do what is right for God on earth and he will later give you the chance to do what is right in heaven as well.

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