The Lame Lion’s Last Tango!

So far, the internal opposition in Syria is eerily quiet with regard to the arrest of Kamal Labwani and the President’s recent speech. The arrest remains un-condemned. The speech remains unchallenged. 


No. I cannot blame them. I cannot accuse them of cowardice. The real coward is the Lame Lion who accused his critics of being unpatriotic and threatened to use force against one and all. The real coward is the one who pushed the 20 million people he is supposed to protect to stand between him and the barrel of a canon.

Even the operations of our Tharwa Project in Damascus needed to be shut down for fear for the safety of our team members. The Lion might be lame, but he still has claws and teeth. More importantly, he seems to be more than willing to use them. Do we now know who killed Al-Hariri?

So, what’s next?

Well, the Lame Lion Show might indeed last for a few more days, but eventually, eventually, it will have to come to that usual mediocre end to which we have become quite accustomed by now. The Lion is simply too lame, you see, just too damn lame to inspire that kind of crippling awe that could last for years that his father used to inspire. More importantly, and no matter how dangerous they happen to be, lame lions pose even a greater danger to themselves.

Indeed, methinks this might just be our Lame Lion’s last stand in Damascus. I can somehow feel it in my bones.

2 thoughts on “The Lame Lion’s Last Tango!

  1. Bashar is an immature, paranoid, unexperienced person who due to an accident inhereted his dad’s throne with advisers directing him wrong ways (yes, each advisor wants him to do something different and Bashar does know what to do and whom to trust) and is abusing his power!Unfortunately, the Syrians are the ones who are suffering and will suffer more due to Bashar’s and his mafia cronies’ misbehavior.

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