The Necessity of Leadership!

What is it that moves a people to action? What is that inspires them? That rejuvenates them? That gives them hope? That motivates them? That gets them off their asses and into the streets, regardless of the dangers they are about to face?

It can’t be desperation, for how can desperation ever inspire hope? Albeit you can despair of something/someone and decide to simply latch your hopes on something/someone else. 

And it can’t be greed, though a desire for improve one’s lot in life might play some role.

Could it be anger? But anger over what exactly? And how can one prevent or counter attempts at re-channeling anger in all the wrong directions?

Leadership. It must be leadership. People need to be led. Not tyrannized. Led. Led.

True, exceptionally charismatic leaders might be the product of some chance. But leaders can also be made, especially in this age of audiovisual media and image makers.

One way or another, the Syrian opposition groups need to begin manufacturing leaders. They need to consult image makers and public relations firms. Leadership is a science these days. We cannot go anywhere without it.

Meanwhile, the Pale Leader we currently have in Syria is leading us all the way to the abyss and beyond. Yet, and for the lack of alternative leaders, the people might still follow. No, not because they are dumb, but because they are desperate, and there is no one else out there they can latch their hopes on.


Thanks to comments by Yaman and Vox Populi, I have just revised the definition of democracy, it now reads as follows:

Democracy is a system of governance that is meant to facilitate continuous interplay and negotiations, both direct and indirect, between various interest groups, regardless of how they are defined, be it on the basis of ethnicity, religion, political ideology, tribe, gender, profession, sexual orientation and/or age, within the framework of a specific entity, state and/or a region, with the aim of achieving: 1) a greater respect for the basic human rights and freedoms of all, 2) a periodic, peaceful and transparent transfer of power, 3) rule of law, 4) public accountability, and 5) public prosperity.