Six Months!

Can one bring about the collapse of a dictatorial regime that is still quite capable of all sorts of heinous crackdowns and activities within 6 months? I cannot be sure, but the new UN Security Council resolution gives us the necessary context to try something along these lines, a final chance at staving off disaster and working out the necessary miracle. When miracles are necessary, miracles are possible, but they are never inevitable. After so many years of episodic half-hearted uncoordinated and not followed-through attempts, the Syrian opposition has to work exceptionally hard in order to produce the desired/required/needed miracle within the coming six months.


So Syria, it’s one more bet for old times’ sake. Will you give?

One thought on “Six Months!

  1. I sure hope that Syria does not disappoint by delivering the coup de grace. It is about time that we put an end to view that a tyranical dictatorship must be tolerated and even protected for the fear that transition to nascent democracy might be messy. Doesn’t this sound similar to the suggestion that Fascism is to be brought back because under them the trains ran on time? Liberty and human dignity are priceless.

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