One Day That Could Change Syria!

With all the discontent we are currently witnessing in Syria vis-à-vis official corruption, and seeing that the entire message of fighting corruption has now being hijacked by the likes of Khaddam, wouldn’t it be possible for the Syrian opposition to try to tap into that by calling for a one day work stoppage as a demonstration of popular discontent with regard to the spread of corruption and the inefficacy of government efforts to combat it? 

This idea should be pretty marketable seeing that it does not constitute a direct challenge to the regime, and that it does not involve demonstrations or sit-ins, and that the basic idea for it is for people, be they state employees, small business owners, doctors, lawyers, taxi drivers, grocers, whatever, to simply not show for work on a certain agreed day.

The idea itself could be advertised by lesser politicized civil society organizations and activists, rather than political opposition groups, in order to make it more acceptable and less risqué for the greatest possible segment of the population. But it should nonetheless receive the tacit support of these groups, which should also be organized in advertising it.

If such a movement should succeed, its impact is going to be much larger than we might think at first and future follow up events could then become balder and more overtly political.

I really think that the time has indeed come for such an idea. I really believe that the opposition needs to opt for such a stratagem at this stage.

Shall we make it February 1st, 2006 then? If you agree, let me know and spread the word.

17 thoughts on “One Day That Could Change Syria!

  1. I think Feb 14 should be the date since it the one year anniversary of Hariri’s assassination which is the day Assad took Syria to the point of return by not realizing the changes that were taking place around the region.

  2. Ammar, I have always been attracted by the work of Thoreau, Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. Your call for action desreves the support of all good citizens because it is merely a call to remind the State about the rights of those in whose name it is expected to act.I wish that I was in a position to offer your call more than moral support.

  3. February 14 came to mind of course. But after debating with friends, we decided that there still a lot of angry Syrians out there who tend to blame the Lebanese for their trouble, rather than regime. This will make the venture event suspect, if not downright unacceptable in their views. We are at this stage interested in getting some kind of a brain consensus on these issues, and I think sticking to a purely internal agenda, or what seems like one at least, is the best strategy at this stage. Ghassan, your moral support is quite important. Thank you.

  4. Hay Dear Bro:I was thinking once of the same plan, no body will lose anything ( I hope ) and it will be a beginners practice for people, and even if it didn’t happen let’s just spread the news and talk about it, it also will help, I wish I was in Syria to be part of it.

  5. I think the idea could work only if adopted by the universities. If you have a contact with them it could work.

  6. I just don’t understand how you could ever think of Syria’s involvement in Hariri’s assasssination and how by any chance I saw you on TV mourning Tuieni as if he was your role model. I just want you to have more insight into the politics of the region and suspect others like Junblat and Mossad and not preclude the high probability of their committing this heinous crime. Regarding Tuieni’s assassination, I surely denounce it but let’s not forget how his spiteful stir-up of the Lebanese hatred caused the killing of many Syrian workers and other individuals and led to growing enmity between the two blood-related peoples.

  7. Ammar, I just want you to be open to dialog and not believe that you are right and every other Syrian trying to defend a stand he takes is merely politically ignorant. On Al-arabia channel I saw that you only believed in the opposition outside and inside Syria. How about other citizens among the Syrian people? I saw that you just ignore them. This doesn’t work in Syria. Do reappriase your convictions. There are many other political analysts who disagree with the elite you have formed in your mind, and they are right about it.

  8. Mr. Ammar, you are a true Patriot.Unfortunately, the outlook looks bad now..Israel will not allow regime change at this time, given the current circumnstances (Sharon, Iran). It has no clue who the next contender is, Khaddam is on its blacklist (and the US’), and befor back channels and agreements are established with the next regime it will not risk any change.American Scenario: Let the Syrian regime stew on easy fire until the opposition and general public is prepared. This serves two purposes, give the Baathists a hope and time to make some unheard of reforms, paving the way for the next regime. AndGiving interested parties enough time to assess contenders and support them enough to be able to take power smoothly, after the regime has been weakened enough. Remember, if Assad decides to have elections, Baathists will have no jobs other than teaching (since they are good in sermons) and maybe driving cabs. I don’t see no change happening in the first half of 2006. My opinion was different three days ago, I gave the regime about 3 more months, but now given my intelligence report, I see a deal in the making…unfortunately. Saudi Arabia ( and Egypt)is now scared that reform and democratisation is becoming a trend in the Middle East, awakening Arabs from the Ocean to the Gulf, threatening its own monarchy.. Democratic awakening is a concern that the Kingdome has expressed to the US. A concern so serious that it prompted the King to interfere personally to save the Syrian regime.God bless America, and its messed up foreign policy.

  9. This is indeed very interesting. Unless some new cracks and fissures appear in the regime soon, I think your predictions might be right. Meanwhile, the opposition should continue to prepare itself for a final showdown of sorts. You don’t want to get caught unprepared when the moment comes, and you are called into action.

  10. Ammar,Thank you for the good work you have been doing, I read your comments and articals and I supoort your values.Syrian citizens and Civil national Groups, need to support your call for action on Feb 1, I hope we can help in this task.Regards

  11. Thank you Atassy, every effort counts at this stage. From the contacts that I have made so far, I can say that support for such move is still very minimal. This is not surprising really, but we still have some time to create more awareness regarding the existence and necessity of such a move. Despite my own cynicism in this regard, I am trying to give this idea my all at this stage, in the hope of getting some positive response.

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