Khaddam Speaks! Bashar Squeaks!

Well, according to Reuters, an Egyptian journal will be running an interview with Bashar on Monday in which he denounces Khaddam’s stands and refutes his accusations.


In the interview Bashar asserts that he never threatened Hariri and he says that no one attended the last meeting between them. But it should be noted here that the meeting to which Khaddam had referred was not the last meeting between the two men but an earlier one. Khaddam made this very clear in his interview with al-Arabiya. 

As such, Bashar does not come off very convincing. Moreover, his own accusations against Khaddam as having become part of “designs” against Syria even before his resignation in June is quite reminiscent of Khaddam’s denunciation by members of the People’s Assembly.

Indeed, if the President knew about or had reasons to believe that indeed Khaddam was planning such a move, why did he allow it to take place? What was stopping him? If he was only informed afterwards, what doesn’t anyone get sacked for these kind of errors?

Be that as it may, it is clear by now that, whenever Bashar opens his mouth to speak, he comes off as a complete moron. I don’t know why there are still so many people around who refuse to see this.

As for Khaddam, if he truly desires to reinvent himself, here is one little piece of advise.

So far, there is not a single admission of wrong doing on is part, not a single apology for past misdeeds. True, we cannot expect the man to come out and says that he was corrupt himself, still, since his corruption has long become the stuff that modern fairytales are made off in the country, trying to muddle through without admitting past mistakes will only serve to undermine the credibility of his current stands and will prove counter-productive. He needs to admit to certain mistakes, at least on part of certain family members, and he needs to make a gesture towards redemption. Let’s say, the establishment of a certain endowment to support various developmental projects in the country to the tune of something like 200 million USD.

That should do it. Let’s see if Khaddam’s advisers are reading this blog.

Meanwhile, let the battle rage on, our shoulders still have some meat left, and the lions and the hyenas of our miserable part of the world are forever hungry.

4 thoughts on “Khaddam Speaks! Bashar Squeaks!

  1. I do agree that Mr. Khaddam needs to recant especially if his central message is that Syria needs reform very badly and that he is a person that can help guide the ship of state through these rough waters.Recantation becomes less important if his major objectives is to spill the beans, help the prosecutiondevelop a tighter case and destablize the sitting band of crooks.I do agree however that his initial foray could have been better planned. As Mosaics by Rime Allaf had suggested he should have used another outlet besides Al Arabia, chosen a more qualified interviewer that is less passive and last but not least a different physical surrounding especially when he new that he wanted to highlight poverty and corruption.

  2. Assad blames Israel for killing Hariri lolololol. When you start blaming the Jews aka Zionist then you know your getting desperate.

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