No Holds Barred!

Khaddam has come out clearly for the removal of his former boss. In his interview with al-Asharq al-Awsat (summarized here by the BBC), he left no room for speculation as to his intention and desire to see a regimefall in Damascus. No. He does not support an Iraqi-style change, nor is he calling for a military coup, Khaddam wants the street to move against the President. Has he been, or anyone of his advisers been reading my blog I wonder? 

Be that as it may, I doubt that the Street will listen to Khaddam, not to mention my heretical self.

But, as the dogs go at each other’s throats, and as they proceed to strip each other of every fig leaf they have in front of our disbelieving eyes, sooner or later the reality of their inherent ugliness is bound to dawn upon us all.

The opposition will be well advised not to take sides and to simply point at ugly scene in front to of us and address the Syrian people and say:

“Didn’t we tell you? They are all alike, they are all corrupt. So, even if you are afraid of change, can’t you see now that we have no choice but to change? Don’t we deserve better rulers than these? Don’t we need at this point in time, better rulers than these? Isn’t it the corruption of this ruling class that is gnawing at the foundation of our state and undermining its stability?”

Exposing the endemic corruption of the regime and explaining its role in getting us where we are today is key to getting popular endorsement and sympathy. The House of Khaddam and the House of Assad are doing us all a big favor because exposing each other.