The Simple Truth!

Khaddam’s call for popular resistance against the Assad regime, reiterated in several interviews he gave over the last few days, are serving to make some people question the wisdom behind calling for work stoppage at this stage. For most people at this stage might think that such a call came in response to Khaddam’s own.

Indeed, the situation is getting murkier and murkier. But clarity has never been a fact of our life in Syria, and the region as a whole. So like it or not, we simply had to keep our focus on what is really at stake here, namely: our freedom and the quality of our life.

Under this regime no improvement is possible. Indeed our conditions have been getting steadily worth. We have clearly reached a dead-end here and we do need to start over. The new beginning, however, could easily lead us to more of the same, with only changes in key state positions and nothing more. But unless new dynamics are introduced at street level, and by the right actors, which I take to mean the secular opposition groups and liberal activist figures, more of the same is exactly what we are going to get.

More on the unfolding situation in the recent article by Massoud Derhally.

3 thoughts on “The Simple Truth!

  1. It would be a strategic error, of major proportions, to allow apprehensions about the outcome of change to act as a damper on dessent. When fissures appear then it is time to increase the pressure in order to hasten the levees/dikes to pupture. Unless pressure is exerted and ratcheted continuously then those who are in control will have time to catch their breath, reorganize and to even increase their tyranical grip on the masses.

  2. you seem to be freaking out!!Well apparently there was a big power struggle between Syria-Lebanese mafias that led to the killing of Hariri.But I think that all does not matter anymore.what matter is the outcome of all this.Assad showed no leadership, no vision, and actually a lot of stupidity.for that alone he needs to go down.I am not saying he ordered thee killing of Hariri, it does not really matter. He waisted all his chances, and his past 5 years were no more that extension of his fathers.I am sure he will waist this “Eid chance” to free prisoners, call for democratic elections, and reform Mukhabarat.He is a pathetic leader indeed

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