Unless he can indeed manage to recruit some new figures to join his government in exile, Khaddam’s moment, his fifteen minutes of fame, seem to be over (his eternity of shame, on the other hand, is just beginning).

Indeed, it is about time for a new actor to venture onto the stage, and for a new twist to take place in the ever convoluting plot that represents the endgame for a certain decrepit regime. It is indeed time for another fuckup by our timid yet angry lion-cub. 

What will it be this time, I wonder? Another convenient car-bombing? Another stupid interview? A meaningless and empty gesture to try to appeal to the internal opposition? Or will he surprise us with something really creative this time around, fucking up being the real essence of his creative genius?

I can’t wait. I am actually holding my breaths.

10 thoughts on “Poof!

  1. I was under the same impression. Now that Khaddam has done his monkey trick, he has become boring and has been taken out of stage (bad monkey, bad! Go back to your cage!).He probably knew that it would end this way. But now he got an amnesty for all his crimes and he can enjoy his billion dollar. I wouldn’t complain him.

  2. I just hope we can give the Syrian people another option somehow. Just don’t ask me how, if everybody is going to remain cowed down.

  3. I am not certain that Mr. Khaddam has fired the last bullet in his chamber. Even if he did, that shot did not miss its intended target. Although his hit has not proven to be critical yet, only time will tell about the ultimate results of the wound it has caused. Wounds that fester could easily develop into an infection that will make deadly incursions into the body.The First law of Thermodynamics states that energy and matter can neither be created nor destroyed. As a result no credible scientist will ever waste time and resources researching ways of creating energy. A corollary of the above is that some human actions are beyond redemption. No matter what plans Mr. Assad and his clan might dream up their fate is clear. They are beyond redemption and all efforts at agic will prove to be futlie.

  4. Hey ammar, i’ve been following your blog for quite a while but today is the first time i choose to post! i was in lovely syria recently and it one thing to note is that regardless of how the dumb lion acts everyday, the people have this total conviction that he is their savior, that we did not kill hariri, that the mossad and the cia are behind every fart in this world. anyway i just wanted to say i think you’re really funny and i hope you go back and overthrow this pathetic bunch of scumbags who rule the country.

  5. Ghassan, Khaddam’s troubles are not necessarily good news for the regime, and, indeed, he might still emerge, but needs to come up with a more effective strategy. Ranting will not cut it anymore. Syrianjuice, nice to of you to drop in, and indeed, a lot of Syrian keep their heads where the sun doesn’t shine. It’s a tough habit to beak. But, we have to keep up on tinkering until we find a way to do it, and that will signal the beginning of the real ordeal that is democratization.

  6. Khaddam is finished; he never even started. Who gave him ever any credit except those who tried to use him?

  7. as a firm lover of the mossad, i question why the fear of the arab world?arabs/moslems in israel have more earned wealth, more freedom, better living standards, freer press than anywhere in the entire arab world, you even have arab/moslems in the government of israel!maybe that is what the arab world needs, some JEWS, maybe the HISTORIC jewish peoples of the Arab world whould be welcomed back, after all there were jews in Medina, Damascus, Mecca & Baghdad before Islam..you could (and are) doing much worse…

  8. dr states:Frankly, these Pharisaic plotters could try to come up with more imaginative stuff.please define your anti-semetic term “Pharisaic”I’d like to learn of your misuse of the term

  9. I have read the news about releasing Damascus Spring prisoners, Homsi and Sief. I hope these guys will continue their struggle by filing a law-suit against government for wrong imprisonment and ask government for large amount of payment and an apologies from president, Parliament and officials. They need to help to keep pressure on this crocked government.

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