Syriana or Syriosis?

They see him here… 
They see him there
Those bloody idiots see him everywhere.
Is he in heaven? Or is he in hell? –
the Khaddam Pimpernel. 


Ah rumor-mongering, the appetizer de jour in desperate times, the favorite pastime of the cowards and wishful thinkers of the world, the quintessential salt of a long parched earth, like our “earth” happens to be these days. Ah, the thrill of it all. I can watch this while eating buttered popcorn, belying all my claims to dieting, reneging, so early, on all my New Year’s resolutions, that is, had I not been part of this whole thing, had I not been right here smack in the midst of it all, having a clear stake in the outcome, like freedom, and all that.

To me, this unfolding melodrama feels more like Syriosis than Syriana. It’s a disease, a full blown disease, with no cure yet in sight.

Or, to be more specific, the cure might be well-known really, but it is bitter, too bitter for our all too refined taste. After so many thousands of years of civilization, we tend to expect things to work themselves out in our favor somehow, no need to suffer the bitterness of the potential cures. You wait a long enough period, and all diseases can prove ephemeral.

But we… we are here to stay, or so we’d like to think. Because the alternative is just too damn… empty, as far as we are concerned.

4 thoughts on “Syriana or Syriosis?

  1. Ephemeral or not, we still have to pay the piper. Remember that thaere ain’t no such thing as a free lunch , TANSTAAFL.:-)

  2. If you are talking about the movie Syriana, then I can say that the only thing in common with the book by Bob Bahr is that both “stars” were agents of the CIA. The book makes perfectly clear that the mayhem in Lebenon was caused by funding from Iran. To my rememberance, Saudi oil played NO PART in the memoires of Mr. Bahr. In short, the movie was a complete bastardization of the book in order to make a tired political point. While walking out of the theatre my only thought was “I hope Bob got paid a pile of dollars…”

  3. Indeed, Babs, I was using the title of the movie to make a point that ours is a disease more than a show. But I have actually not seen the movie or read the book, so far.

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