Chances Are!

For Khaddam, chances are he is simply too corrupt for other people in the opposition to approach. But, this also depends on how chooses to present himself to the opposition. Should he drastically temper and revise his expectations, he might have a chance of appealing to some. One thing is clear though:he will not be allowed to become the leader of the external opposition, no matter how highly he happens to think of himself. 

For Bashar, chances are he will stay in power for longer than I would have anticipated, or liked. But that only means that his eventual exit into the darkest corners and recesses of history and human memory will be more bloody and humiliating than I would have liked as well. He still represents Syria, one way or another, and the longer he stays in power, the more catastrophic his eventual downfall will be for the country, that is, not unless it was brought about by that one-in-a-billion development that is a velvet revolution…

which brings us to me, the one who would like to help orchestrate such an unlikely development.

Indeed, for me, chances are I’ll fail in achieving most of the goals that I have set for myself professionally, including that thing about managing velvet transitions and all that. As for Tharwa, which will be launched again soon, it is, quite fortunately, no longer dependent solely on me, which means that Tharwa is likely to survive whatever happens to me.

Be that as it may, one thing is quite clear to me: when I eventually die, and regardless of the exact manner and timing of this all too inevitable development, chances are I’ll die a happy man. For there is one thing I know I’ll always have: the love, respect and understanding of my family. Why do I know I’ll always have that? Because this is the one thing I will never take for granted, and will never give up on.

And, you guess it, chances are I am quiet happy right now, albeit a bit stressed. After all, today marks my and Khawla’s fourth wedding anniversary as well as the second anniversary of my father’s passing.

Such is life. I’ll take it for what it is, and with a smile on my face.

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  1. Ammar -How helpful is it to the Syrian exile’s cause that the U.S. Department of the Treasury today named Assef Shawkat a Specially Designated National (SDN) of Syria pursuant to Executive Order 13338, for directly furthering the Government of Syria’s support for terrorism and interference in the sovereignty of Lebanon, e.g., he was tagged for Syria’s support of terrorism in Lebanon? Treasury Designates Director of Syrian Military Intelligence Syrian Military Intel Director Tagged for Syria’s Support of Terrorism in Lebanon

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