The Unraveling!

Syria’s back in the headlines again, indeed, something is unraveling there. But what is it exactly? Is it the regime? Is it the opposition? Or is the entire country unraveling?

But then, perhaps we are all unraveling, all to the enjoyment of our viewers all over the world. Hey Bob, here goes the freaking region again. Don’t those people ever get tired of being mad?

Well, I guess not. We wouldn’t be true to form if we did. Besides, there is a certain intriguing, if not downright bewitching, quality to our madness that keeps the entire world fixated upon us, and we’d just die, not to mention kill, to remain the center of global attention. In some crazy way, but not so counterintuitive really, this does justify our “faith.” When you are chosen, it does not matter in the least for which you are chosen: blessedness or damnation, so long as you are chosen.

And we are chosen. Ours is the story, no, the history, of the continuous unraveling of all those who are chosen. If you cannot make any sense of that, just keep on watching our continuous show, for eventually, it will dawn upon you. It will dawn upon you, and you will get caught up in its intricacies just like the rest of us. Chosenness rubs off.

3 thoughts on “The Unraveling!

  1. Ammar, How right you are. It does appear that we are condemned to Dante seventh circle of hell. There is no escape and no way out. It is much easier to accept ; not condone; an action or behaviour once a clear rationale is offered as an explanation. But again and again our actions defy explanation. The way we react towards those that disagree with us is what defines character. Why do we reject the other , how can we be so intolerant and why are we always ready to blame the whole world for our state of affairs but never admit any personal responsibility? These questions and many more like them must be caused by something uniqe and special . Is it the air we breath or the water we drink. I am at a loss. When I am asked my opinion by the young I just change the subject.I just am ashamed .

  2. Embassies are burned. New foreign enemies, forgotten domestic ones. Look, aren’t you afraid of the mobs, Mr Bush? That’s what I thought. Hariri died of a heart attack, okay? Thanks.

  3. There is a lot of well reasoned criticism in the ME blogs that I link to. I’ve quoted you and others in my post about this. It appears that this has been orchestrated, some fake cartoons were added that hadn’t been published when the Islamic Society in Denmark decided to stir things up. Also where did all of those Danish flags come from that everyone’s burning?

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