How Judicious!

Another protest demonstration took place in Damascus yesterday, this time it involved a groups of judges protesting the President’s decision to lay them off, a move that had been billed in the media at the time as part of anti-corruption campaign targeting the country’s infamous judiciary system. The constitutionality of the President’s decree in this regard has always been suspect as it infringed on the separation of powers instituted by the Baath Constitution itself.

Still protesters did not blame the President himself for this declaration, but pointed their fingers at his PM, Muhammad Naji Otri. Mr. Otri, the demonstrating judges claimed, conned the President somehow into adopting this move in defense of his drug-smuggling buddies from his hometown of Aleppo.

As a reward for their judiciousness, the President is said to have consented to meet with the protesters’ representatives on Monday.

So, the regime’s dirty laundry continues to be hung in public for all to see. Methinks this is the President’s Fruits of the Loins that I see. Oh, how vulgar! And, how appropriate!

One thought on “How Judicious!

  1. I think that these seemingly simple and small demonstrations will contribute towards breaking the “fear barrier”. When that happens it will be a flood!!!

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