Falling Apart!

No, I have not abandoned blogging in favor of politics, just as I had done with my literary ventures. No, I am not going to allow politics to take this part of my life as well. It has already taken too much.

Indeed, its latest victim seems to be my health. This is, at least, what the doctors seem to implying. Judge for yourself:

“Well, let see here, all your blood tests came back negative, and so did your urine tests. Your x-rays show nothing wrong with any of your vital organs, and you seem to have a pretty healthy heart. Still, you have a temperature of 105 and the blood pressure of a comatosed lizard (i.e., ridiculously low blood pressure, well-nigh zombiesque), so, are you under some kind of pressure????”

“Well, doc, let me put it this way, I have been here for less than 36 hours, and I have already missed 9 meetings and/or events, two of them at the White House, does that tell you anything?”

And I wasn’t even trying to impress.

The truth is, the last week of March was supposed to be one of the busiest weeks of my life, serving as a prelude to what was supposed to be one of the busiest month in my life. But, as fate would have it, I ended up spending the Glorious Week divided between home and hospital, and the Glorious Month is shaping up to be quite the ordinary month, albeit by my rather not too ordinary standards. For as soon as my temperature stabilized at the somewhat acceptable level of 100 degrees, I traveled to Chicago, and now that it is back to a normal 98, I feel comfortable enough to embark on a tour that will take me to South Carolina, Nebraska, Iowa, Chicago again, and finally New York. No, No pressure, no pressure at all.

I guess I’ll sleep in May.

So, between now and May, don’t think any less of me for failing to blog as regularly as I would like, my blogoholic soul is full of the same old yearning for the keypad, but my new workaholic, and pretty loathsome, self may not give me the time to appease this yearning.

So, I will continue to fall apart over the next few weeks, and hope to survive long enough to start picking up the pieces in May when, and in preparation for celebrating my 40th birthday on this bedlam earth, on May 30 to be specific, I will have to begin implementing the new work philosophy that I am gradually developing in the back of my mind even as I type these pearls of folly of mine.

Heretically yours,

6 thoughts on “Falling Apart!

  1. Ammar, Your words of wisdom, I mean “pearls of folly” have been sorely missed. I wish you the best of success in both the political as well as the health project. This is not a recommendation but I only offer this anecdote only to let you know that this drop in blood pressure is not as rare as you might think. A clleague of mine, who is a happy go lucky type of person, felt weak and then passed away in class. The doctors recommended a can of Campbell Tomato soup. It really did the trick!!!

  2. Ammar I hope the turning fourty next month has nothing to do with it…Just go watch Austin Powers or something.Salaaamtak!

  3. Thank you very much, my friends. Tomato soup and Austin Powers? Now this is a really cool prescription, I shall have no problem following it, in due course of time.

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