I Fear for Ali!

The fate of the Syrian political prisoner, Muhammad Sha’er Haysah, who died yesterday as a result of the “inhuman conditions of his incarceration” makes me quite worried about the fate of ‘Ali al-‘Abdallah and his two sons who remain missing to this day. We need an international figure to make an appeal on their behalf so that their fate can be ascertained. Their family deserves to know whether they are alive or dead. The international silence in this regard is incomprehensible and inexcusable. Ali & Sons could be undergoing some inhuman torture as we speak. They could also be dead.

What would happen, I wonder, should we find out that one or more of them is indeed dead? What sort of pressures could be brought against the Syrian regime to account for that?

4 thoughts on “I Fear for Ali!

  1. Ammar, I do realize that this is neither creative nor very original but it is the only thing that I could think of. Has anyone forwarded the full details of the case to a Human Rights organization?

  2. Ghassan. They all know and have been publicizing it. Indeed, Ali’s family along with the Committees for Revival of Civil Societies, and various Syrian HR orgs have been launching a campaign to find out where they are, but they have been ignored by the government.

  3. HRW recently sent a letter to Assad demanding the release of all activists. I haven’t seen anything on this particular case from HRW. I will inquire. Ammar, you may want to allow non-blogger users to comment on your blog. abu kais.

  4. Indeed, Abu Kais, I have just revised the settings of the blog, anyone can post now. The campaign on behalf of Ali & sons is continuing apace in Syria, still, international pressures in this regard are not on par with expectations. We might have reasons to regret this silence sooner than we think. But I hope not.

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