Ali Alive!

Under increasing pressures from rights activist, Syrian authorities finallyadmittedthat they do indeed have custody of ‘Ali ‘Abdallah and his sons, but, rather than release them, they simply chose to put their case in front of the State Security Court on unspecified charges. Meanwhile, and mere hours ago, Syrian communist activist and former political prisoner, Fateh Jamous, was arrested in Damascus Airport upon his return from a long trip to Europe where he took part in a number of meetings with exiled opposition figures. The arrest comes as part of the ongoing campaign of intimidation that the authorities have been conducting over the last few months, and which has intensified immensely in the last few days.

So, it is more of the same with this regime, but at least no one has been killed this time. Meanwhile, it is amazing how many things are happening in this country despite all this oppression. I am in touch with opposition figures in the country on an almost daily basis, and can “safely” say that those who have broken the fear barrier are not looking back for all the arrests, harassments and threats that they are subjected to. There is still bravely left in this world, I guess, not to mention foolhardiness. Now, if we can just break the barrier of naivety and wishful thinking, we could really be on to something.