A Feast Full of Lies & Cannibals!

With the head of the Syrian parliament announcing the formation of a committee in charge of formulating a new elections law, the “reform process” in the country is really proceeding along. Soon, we will have another born-obsolete elections law to be shelved next to the born-useless party laws, which in turn sits pretty cozy next to the born-redundant NGO laws, all to the ennoblement and joy of all those wonderful committee members who worked so hard to surpass our wildest expectations and prove that they are even more stupid that we had ever dared think.

Indeed, this is an occasion worthy of celebration. Let’s throw some more of those stupid traitorous dissidents into the bonfire and stoke the flames as high as we can – there is nothing like cannibalism to make us feel alive these days. But necrophagia will do if necessary. And we all eat ourselves raw to boot. This is the only logical way for us to get into the spirit of the times. The lions are feasting on us (on our hopes, credulity and aspirations), and we have no choice but join in, it seems, for there is nothing left to feast on.