The Making of Armageddon!

The Jordanian authorities are still moving adamantly with their case against Hamas and the Syrian regime. The recent televised confessions of a Hamas suspect may seem like a page out of an old and worn out book, but it does betray a serious commitment to taking this matter to its logical conclusion: a confrontation with the Assad regime. When the Jordanian monarch warned against the rise of the Shia crescent, he was not mincing words or sound-bites. Rather, he was speaking as a true believer in the ultimate necessity of seeing this unholy crescent collapse and fall apart. He is a Hashemite after all.

In neighboring Lebanon, the situation continues to heat up as well as the Nasrallah-Aun alliance continues to prosecute their war against the Future Current, by calling for the downfall of the Seniora government.

Meanwhile, an anti-Kurdish Turkish-Iranian alliance of sorts is forming, and troops are being positioned across the borders with the Kurdish areas in Iraq.

Anyone has a match? Just light it up and watch the fireworks. The ensuing Armageddon may not bring down the end of the world as prophesied (but then prophecies tend to exaggerate things, don’t they?), but the end of the region as we know it might indeed be at hand, and Syria will be part of the battlefield. We have the “right” caliber leaders to ensure that. Lucky us!

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  1. Ammar, EVERY conflict in this region is escalatingHamas-FatahAoun+Hizbollah vs the Lebanese “majority”Syria vs the westSyria vs “the Labanese majority”Iran and the westKurds against all their “host nations”Fundamentalist Islam vs the rest of the world.Mubarak vs his oppositionIraqi sunni shia Kurdish balanceAnd the scariest … as you correctly pointed out: the Sunni Shia looming confrontation.It sure looks like the whole region is bound to be set on fire. But who is suicidal from the above list of players? … if you scan the above list, you probably can not find any clearly one-sided conflict … that should restrain any marginally wise leader from going much further. Our only hope is that this is still the typical Poker game .. everyone pretending his hand is stronger and hoping that will deter his opponents from continueing to challenge him.Ammar, no blame shifting from the local players to America, but with the whole region heading towards disaster … what would you advice “America” to do?

  2. The fear is that the leaders of the area (looking at their acheivment) are not wise enough to avoid such a conflict ,each one of them might beleive his pretending power and start a conflict thinking he will win ,actualy i think all wars start because one party think he can win.God help Syria .

  3. Norman, I agree, and I think that of all the regimes involved, the Assad regime is the most likely one to make that “faux pas” that could start it all. Alex, for an answer to your query, check out my new post.

  4. Ammar ,I totaly disagree with you ,the US goverment started the conflict by invading Iraq ,their mision was to invade Syria after Iraq with what they called go left plan through Syria to Lebanon and meet the Israelis,the resistance in Iraq changed their plans ,now after the win of Hamas in palestine and the forsight that Syria had in supporting them for years not because they are islamic movment but because they are the most Arab palestenian nationalistic movment now the US is trying to use Jordon to attack Syria and the palestenians,as we all know it was King Husien who informed the Israelis of the day of the October war,yes Ammar the plan is to devide the area into religous and ethnic states like the time of the Romans ,city states with Israel the most powerfull and advanced while Arab countries punishing the Palestanians for standing for their rights while the Israelies are killing them ,the prophet would have been ashamed of these Arabs and yes he propably would have sided with islamic Iran against the west who are trying to deny Iran the nuclear technology while the Arab states of Saudi and the gulf and Egypt are chivering trying to keep their seats,Syria is the only Arab country that stands for Arab nationalism ,and withall it,s coruption it is still beter than many Arab countries in the region .

  5. Norman, I can make a very strong argument to show that the Assads are no less betrayers and abusers of the Arab Dream slogan than any of the current Arab regimes. But, I shan’t do that, because I rally don’t think we are going to get anywhere with this argument. Let me just say at this stage that I don’t give a damn about the Arab Dream, or any other national dream for that matter. I am more interested in the quality of life of the average citizen in the region, and it’s not something that nay of us can be proud of considering the resources that our region has. If we can just divert one iota of these resources to the right channels, we can all be better of. I want that one iota, I want it for us all, and I don’t the Assads can deliver it. Which is why I am forced to look elsewhere.

  6. It’s clear something is happening, whether it is to attack Syria or to stop the shi’aa crescent from formation, to destabilize the region for Israel’s sake or for mere interests of USA, the problems is that those regimes helped a lot already, it’s easy to fart slogans of Arab unity and Nationalism, but on the ground all what they did is total opposite to that.I and many admit that there were/are many Syrian policies that is clearly pro Arabs, but the persecution of Islamic currents in general, and at the same time supporting Hamas does make you think! It is not for Hamas sake rather than to have some cards to play with. The same thing applies to Pro Arabism; it’s just to have some nice face outside the country. If it is true, then why the begging for talks with Israel? If it is true why all the compromises the Assad regime promised to make-under the table of course, plus the intelligence cooperation with CIA on public! Come on people … its clear isn’t it, Makhlouf is providing the Americans in Iraq with fuel and still his cousin is Arab Nationalist!The Israelis declared that its better form them to keep this regime didn’t they? They are holding on to their slogans till they are given the chance to give it up and gain out of it, and the area is already fragmented thanks to Assad wisdom! Here is a question: if the country is strong from within how can you divide it? And on it goes ….

  7. Hammam,can you tell me why the Muslem Egypt ,Saudi,and Jordan are stabing the palestenians and yes the Syrians in the back,they are denying aid not even millitery ones to the palestenians,they want the only chance that an islamic goverment could succeed and start an avalange ,don,t you see that.

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