Saber-Rattling & Teeth-Gnashing!

OK. So, a “well-known opposition figure in Brussels” reports that many former Syrian regime members, with military and security expertise, are currently converging on Lebanon and Jordan to establish bases for future anti-regime operations, promising “two explosions for every explosion and two assassinations for every assassination,” all to be carried out with Saudi funding and approval.

Well, not only the Prodigal Uncle who suddenly burst unto the scene can threaten and rattle his sword, it seems. But one has to fear that all this saber-rattling could inadvertently pave the way for all different sorts of mayhem. All this saber-rattling and teeth-gnashing may not be so good for our collective health and well-being.

But then, more than saber-rattling could also be involved here. The report could indeed be true!!! The time for talking might be coming to an end soon.

Yet, all things still revolve around that upcoming UN report. Meanwhile, and seeing how high the stakes are – for there is nothing more masculine than the fight over the ruins of a falling realm, no matter how small, – the actors are multiplying by the minute.