The Trial of a Dissident!

Kamal Labwani was interrogated today by the criminal court in Damascus. As is usual in such cases, the charges are pretty bogus and nonsensical, after all, what does contacting foreign state really means?


But Kamal did show the composure and confidence expected of him, as his lawyers noted, who themselves have been in his position not too long ago. Still, the trial of Kamal did not generate much attention in the press. Kamal has been forgotten, or at least, he was lost in that growing avalanche of jailed dissidents. This is why the idea for a freedom rally is now more necessary than ever. We cannot let people like Kamal be forgotten. We cannot let them be lost in the shuffle.

4 thoughts on “The Trial of a Dissident!

  1. The opposition should understand that badmouthing the Goverment in Syria is allowed but doing the same and meeting govement officials of forign countries with a plan to turn left after invading Iraq and invade Syria,no American will do that ,why should Syrians.

  2. watching arabs tear arabs apart just makes me understand what they would do to jews if given the chance.sadly maybe this is neccessary?the arab world had a great opportunity in 1948 and later (to our friend in UAE 1971) to form states, i wonder why since 1850’s when the wahabbists marched to bahgdad and slaughtered 140,000 this violence has gone on…

  3. Norman: What? Americans did that in the 1700s. In fact it was absolutely necessary then–though I suppose the circumstances were different.pork rinds for allah: As soon as you said “the arab world had a great opportunity in…,” I immediately knew how to categorize you in my mental list of “opponent debators” and their styles. Ammar, you mentioned in an earlier conversation that you wanted to create a website documenting the identities and thought crimes of dissidents in jail in Syria. Still up for it?

  4. Sure thing Yaman. I am talking to people here and in Syria about the possibility of cooperating on this matter, you are welcome to join us if you are interested.

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