The Show Must Go On!

The Assads continue to send defiant messages to the international community showing complete disregard for its will and its resolutions. Indeed, and just as the crackdown against democracy activists is continuing so is arms smuggling to radical Palestinian groups in Lebanon. The Assads are bent on exacting revenge for their humiliating withdrawal from Lebanon and for the continued defiance of the March 14th Movement.

Where will all this lead?

For now, it can only lead to the further isolation of the regime in the international arena. The world may not have the will to swat the Assads down at this stage, but it can put them on the backburner until such time that such will is indeed there, or until such time that opposition groups are able to mount a serious challenge to the regime.

Indeed, it appears that the only way out of this dark corner into which the Assads have maneuvered themselves will most surely be paved with their carcasses. Until then, the show of folly and madness will go on.

2 thoughts on “The Show Must Go On!

  1. The bankrupt regime planners, somehow figured out that, the way get out of the currently mounting predicaments, the ever increasing world wide isolations, and the ruining internal policy’s, is to keep on escalating more and more, Knowing the fact time is not on their side, they are busy planning for the breaking point “capitulation”, betting on the survival odds and the possibly of a regime exit strategy.

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