The Arab Freedom Rally 2006!

Much has been taking place behind the scenes with regard to my call in a previous post for a rally designed to help support the cause of human rights and democracy activists in our unfortunate part of the world. Indeed, we are now ready to announce a tentative date for the rally, and to open the floodgate for any suggestions in this regard, suggestions that can help the organizers in making this event a success. The rally will focus in this initial phase on the situations in Syria, Lebanon and Egypt, which are very serious indeed, as we all know. But the invitation for participation is open to people from all over the region.

The proposed date for the rally is Thursday June 22nd, the proposed time is 9:30 am, and the proposed place is the delegation of the Arab League in Washington, DC. The event, then, will take place a week after the issuance of the Brammertz report, allowing us some time to evaluate ensuing developments and finalize our message accordingly. The choice of place is meant to allow Arab expatriates and their supporters and sympathizers from other communities to vent their frustration regarding the worsening conditions of human rights in their countries to a delegation representing all Arab governments, while avoiding giving the impression of instigating “foreign” intervention in Arab affairs, hence the decision not to demonstrate in front of the Congress.

Be that as it may, and in order to move forward from the point on and seeing that we have limited time, we need help in the following matters:

  • We need volunteers who would organize participation from their local communities.
  • We need suggestions for speakers from the various Arab communities, and from the halls of academia.
  • We need student activists who would help advertise and garner the support of students, Arab and Americans, from all over the US.
  • We need people to advertise this event throughout the Internet, their schools and their communities.

The more people we can put in the street the louder our message will be. This event will be orchestrated with the help of the HAMSA Initiative.

5 thoughts on “The Arab Freedom Rally 2006!

  1. it’s more like YaZan.but, the thing is, I still havent seen any kind of promotion for it, through any news site, or even the blogsphere, the Lebanese, nor the Syrian nor the Egyprian…!!!

  2. Sorry, Yazan, there is a Yaman here as well, hence the confusion. Indeed, we haven’t advertised this before, we were finalizing certain details first. But now we are ready to spread the word.

  3. In organizational terms, this is extremely short notice, don’t you think?I realize you are trying to time it to the release of the Brammertz report (something that i think might end up being completely anti-climactic anyway) but still… this is hard to pull off with only essentially two weeks. It limits already then the type of persons who can attend on such short notice.I hope your networks are very very effective then. I mean, christ, I can’t even hold a afternoon luncheon on two weeks notice and get all my friends to show up!

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