Heresies, Public & Private!

The reason I tread lightly in the political field is because it is, in essence, only a manifestation of the real problems in our part of the world, most of which tend to be not simply social but psychological in nature.And since such problems, due to their very intricate nature and the fact that we have to work on both the individual and collective levels simultaneously, cannot be dealt with in matter of days or months and tend to require years, if not decades, to be handled effectively, seeking political fixes to these problems is nothing short of idiotic.

For how can politics fix a broken young woman, torn apart by the tug of war inside of her between the influences of her Islamist milieu and her desire to follow the dictates of her heart, her mind and her conscience? And how can politics fix a distraught 40-something woman who still cannot shake off enduring parental dabbling in her life, and who does not feel empowered enough to relinquish the benefits that come along with that?

Indeed, I am referring to actual cases here and indeed they are ongoing and concern friends of ours. This situation has served to put my entire activities over the last few months into a rather different perspective and reminded me of my actual activist passions. It also coincided with the headway we are currently making with regards to the re-launching of the Tharwa Project. Indeed, the original site has already been reactivated, albeit some snags regarding the design still need to be fixed. The Arabic site should be coming out by month-end. The Tharwa Community has also been revamped and some of the blogs have already been launched, including Sawt, Virtual Syria, Tharwalizations and Taqaseem. The rest will follow in the next few days.

So, and while my private energies have always tended to focus more on Tharwa than any other thing, soon my public activities will once again shift back in this direction as well. Now, this might sound strange considering the public commitment I have recently made to the Front. But frankly, the only way I can continue with my involvement in oppositional politics is for me to create this kind of necessary private and public balance. I am not a politician, and the only reason I got invovled in politics is to help create the necessary space that we would allow us to takcle the issues I most care about.

Had the Assads not been so control-freaks, I’d still be in Syria doing just that, joined by so many others. But the problem with our rulers is that they cannot imagine the world without them being in control of it, even if this situation is not destined to be a reality for decades to come. They simply cannot reconcile themselves to the eventuality of passing away from the scene, no matter how gracefully. This is probably why they have to be made to pass away literally.

At their heart of heart, the people of Syria realize the necessity of this, but they are not ready to own up to it. But they will get there eventually, and when they do, someone should be ready to manage the consequences of their outburst.

11 thoughts on “Heresies, Public & Private!

  1. Ammar,Great work and good luck with all your entreprises, I am not into politics as well but it hurts when you see stupid rulers control the destiny for millions of people…and all they care about is their rule. Rulers can make life so much better and solve so many problems if they chose to…Fellow readers, I just posted my 2 cents on relations of Syrian regime with Lebanon, and how is it related to the arrests! When is the right time? Time to expose Syrian Regime lies!!! Please make sure to comment on it, I promise I won’t report you to anyone haha For a better SyriaFares

  2. No… Not O.K. Now is not the time to disengage from the fight and go back to your “artsy” site. This is a cop out. The people of the world need you to continue the fight against tyranny. I know it is difficult whether you are blogging by the pool in the U.S.A. or, whether you have just returned from interrogation in the Syrian capitol but, what do you expect the western world to do if YOU do not stand up and fight?

  3. Ah, Babs, I see I over-expressed my frustration as usual. I did not mean that I will be abandoning the fight, just that I will be trying to reintroduce a certain much needed balance in my life to keep me energized and going. For after all, all politics in our part of the world is dirty politics, and you won’t believe the amount of filth that get shoveled and logged around in the backgrounds.But, as you said, I cannot cop out now, I cannot turn my back on my ideals, just because the going got tough. But I do need to go out for a breather every now and then.

  4. I dont’ see what is so “artsy” about Tharwa or any of its offshoots…. to me these are the REAL project, the things that are the most difficult because they require time and effort. They provide less immediate gratification than a good rant at the regime, but they are the heart of the matter in terms of building up a foundation that sustain a dramatic political change and ensure that the outcome will not be disasterous or easily undone. Of course Political rhetoric is important, and voice is important, but the creation of meaningful activity on the ground and the possibility for new individual and collective experiences is what will have a cumulative impact (psychologically, viserally). yes, the syrians as a whole are not ready to take action, to take responsibility, but they are open to positive input and influence, which is what I think your civic social projects are truly about. One day recently, I was talking online to a young syrian guy (someone I struck up a light virtual friendship with), who was completely antagonistic regarding “the opposition” and related political activity to bring change (as usual he response was not out of positive regard for the regime, but out of mistrust of anyone else or the alternative). I then showed him your Tharwa website. I also showed him that you are a poet (knowing that this fellow fancies himself a poet). And low and behold, he finally admitted… that well, he liked your site very much (you couldn’t be entirely bad after all!). And as for being a poet…. hmm he said “ok, I am starting to swallow this guy now”… I was of course, quite pleased with myself … because you will win Syria in the end.. one 24 year old at a time.

  5. That’s right Zenobia!(smile)babs, try to participate in Ammar’s “Virtual Syria” blog … it is a good place to see how we can customize “democracy” to Syria’s needs.

  6. Alex, what are you doing awake again at this hour!I am back to West coast now, so I am out of your league…. it is only 12:30 am for me… I sent you an email to info@creativesyria…. trying to find if it is your email, but no reply from you. ?Virtual Syria is very nice, I agree – we should all pass it along………

  7. Dear Zenobia of the west coast, check your junk mail folder, maybe it is there… I replied.I went to sleep but forgot to close Ammar’s site, and Schubert kept playing on my loudspeakers … so I woke up again to close it.I’m joking Ammar, I like Schubert a lot.

  8. Well…..I love the Shubert too, but… his Unfinished Symphony is now truly never finished.After hearing it fifty times, I begin to imagine that i could play it myself…as i have verses imprinted into my head. Not to complain, but…i thought we were in for a wide musical selection…you know with trade off periodically.. a whole classical education and all that…Sugar to help the spinach of political bantering go down easier.Now i feel that this is potentially a Clockwork Orange scenario! Hypnosis with Shubert…..

  9. congratulations Ammar, this is a worthy project and one in which you can add great value.

  10. Thanks all for your positive input, and especially you Zenobia for your positive lobbying. We can always do with another “convert” to the cause. The Tharwa Team members are definitely quite excited, albeit we all have a lot of things to do now. Sorry if things continued to progress a bit slowly at this stage. We are trying not to overwhelm ourselves, or our audience.

  11. Ah yes, Zenobia, I do definitely intend to mix things a bit with regard to the musical selection. So, just for your enjoyment, I shall upload a different musical piece later today.

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