Rocket Rattling!

“You wanted open warfare, so we are going for open warfare and we are ready for it, a war on all levels, that will reach Haifa and, believe me, beyond Haifda and beyond beyond Haifa. We will not be the only ones that will pay the price, nor will our homes be the only ones that will get destroyed, nor our children the only ones that will get killed, nor our people the only ones that will get expelled. That time is over. That time was before 1982 and before 2000. That time is over. I promise you that that time is over. Consequently, you, too, should bear the responsibility for what your government has done and it has accomplished. From now on, [and since] you wanted open warfare, let it be an open warfare then.”

Well, Nasrallah is definitely far more charismatic and eloquent than Saddam has ever been, but no less foolish. He will get the entire Arab street on his side, just like Saddam had done before, but most Arab governments will stand against it. True, Syria and Iran and Hamas will try to support it, that and its arsenal of missile and rockets, is its trump card, but one that can be rendered useless, if the Israelis decide that it is all worth it, and if they act in coordination with the US, which is more likely than people think.

No one shies from war anymore, so long as the only real existentialist threat they could pose is a pospect that, in the final analysis, only “lesser players” would have to deal with. We are those players. When will our glorious leaders ever understand that? Not until they make us even less, I guess. Which won’t be long now.

Our romantic adventurers will take us there with their dreams of past glory and messianic visions of the future. Our corrupt shepherds will guide us there as they continue to follow their baser instincts and remain willing slaves to their insatiable appetite. The powers-that-be in this world will get us there with their single-minded pursuit of their perceived interests. We will get there, because we are helpless, silent, foolish, cowardly, ignorant, sheepish, downtrodden naves. We will be smaller than we are now, much smaller, and our challenges far more gargantuan.

But, and on a more optimistic note, there is a slight chance that the emerging consensus in Arab World against such “adventurism” might still amount to something that is slightly less than total bullshit and might, therefore, be able to stem the rising tide of violence and provide a diplomatic solution for the current crisis. Right! And something sensible might actually come out of Bashar’s mouth within the next one hundred years.

6 thoughts on “Rocket Rattling!

  1. Well said habibi. I was 17 and fresh from baath bullshit ideology when Saddam took us on a roller coaster…I guess Nasrallah and Assad duties are to entertain the masses in a big circus because most of the middle east people are too young to remember what happened.They will wake up with huge losses and then they will blame the other arab regime cowards…Generation after generation get cheated and find its self facing the drum of wars, which we always lose even though we say otherwise…

  2. I am simply dumbfounded and not for the first time!!! How can people read or listen to such rants and ramblings ? The man is delusional , he is not satisfied by having hijacked a country, burned a city, detroyed the livlihood of millions but he wants to see more death and destruction. His apetite for mayhen will never be satiated. A people that celebrate such a rehtoric cannot possibly be interested in either peace or justice. How can a man of the cloth in the 21st century preach so much hatred and revenge and yet claim to be interested in justice? The joke is on us when we follow such preachers.

  3. I actually think this could be that moment when actual true peace for lebanon, iran and syria could be close with israel.hezbollah destroyed, hamas destroyed, syrian tanks and assad gone & iran’s leadership dead by iranian public outrage..let’s look forward to a new chapter of democratic (within a jefferson model) to spring from the events ABOUT to occur

  4. From Philip I []I am not at all as optimistic as “what is occuption” seems to be.I agree wholeheartedly with Ammar’s comments and perceptions. Read my new post “Love Your Enemy” if you have time. Regards.

  5. LOLOLOL, dear god Ammar your sarcasim has me laughing on the floor. However on a more serious note, Nasrallah and his puppet masters are writing a check that there asses wont be able to cash. Also, I cant help but wonder what Hariri would have done in this situation. What do you think?

  6. Amarji,Your posts are unbelievably fascinating, greatly appreciate reading your interesting take on

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