The Reasons for Our Enslavement!

People who seek military glories and who see dignity and honor in militaristic terms only are not going to bother about the humanitarian costs of their adventures. Hence, the fate of the civilians in Lebanon, the hundreds of thousands of displaced Shia in particular, is left to other civilians to worry about. Neither the Lebanese government nor Hezbollah, currently all too preoccupied in its quest for glory, are providing any assistance.

Meanwhile the devastation continues ad absurdum, ad nauseam, ad nihilum, following the usual dictate that calls for creating desolation, and then calling it peace.

Peace has never been on anyone’s mind in the region. We are all too narcissistic and messianic to really give a damn about peace, not to mention the human cost of war. Our real preoccupation is with glory, vengeance and domination, a matter that applies to both peoples and leaders.

For, while it is tempting to think that the people will be more preoccupied with security, in one sense or another, even if at the expense of other people’s security and sense of it, in reality, the desire for glory, vengeance and domination is the real thing that runs so deep inside the souls of so many of us as to transform us into willing tools in the hands of the ruling elite, be they democratic or not.

As such, the regimes do not enslave us, our unreasonable desires and expectations do. We speak of justice when we want revenge, we speak of security, when we desire domination, and we speak of oppression, when our real motivation is to simply become the oppressors.

The more conflict we generate, inside of us and in our midst, as a result of these contradictions, the more intricately enmeshed they will become in our psychological fiber, we become the contradictions, the contradictions become us in a self-perpetuating cycle of mayhem and bloodshed that will go on and on, indefinitely perhaps, or until something completely new, miraculous even, intervenes changing the entire dynamics of the situation.

For we can never outgrow this thing in some automatic manner, nor can we be exhausted or totally consumed by it, as there are always new generations that have absorbed all our justifications of it. Nor can an external player, in the geographic sense, bring a closure to it, because the world has grown too small and interlocking for any player to be truly external. Somehow, somewhen new ideas need to emerge in order to change and revolutionize everything, else we are doomed to repeat and rewitness this the most dumb and uninspiring of tragicomedies that any imagination has ever mustered or can ever muster.

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  1. The basic problem is that Arabs are SUBJUGATORS. This is the NATURAL state of humans. Subjugate or be subjugated. To overcome this nature, we need to teach people to not subjugate. Westerners have not been taught this directly (unfortunately) which is why rape (a form of subjugation) still occurs. But via indirect teaching they have picked up “don’t subjugate”. Anglophones, also via the indirect teaching of “fight for freedom” have picked up “FIGHT subjugation”.This one word, “subjugate”, contains the secret for solving all the world’s problems. It means control/enslave. To force someone to SUBMIT to your rule. NATO is a NATURAL alliance of anti-subjugators and non-subjugators allied against any potential subjugator. I am in the TRIBE of anti-subjugators. This is a worldwide tribe that transcends race/religion/sex/nationality. You get into it by saying “yes” to the following sentence:I pledge allegiance to use my brain to fight subjugation of my species – do you?For more information see

  2. Paul Edwards: Except that the dialogue of resistance which Ammar speaks of considers the West (which you consider to be the “anti-subjugation camp”) to be subjugators of the Arabs. How do you combat this mentality, when the West’s historical record in the region seems to give credence–at least on a superficial level–to this thought?Ammar: An off-topic question. Do you write Arabic poetry on Or is it exclusively English?

  3. yaman, ok, another problem is that Arabs are racist. You also need to teach them that we are in the tribe of anti-racists. They consider themselves to be in the tribe of Arabs. Again, this is NATURAL. It is NATURAL to be racist. Iraq is the best example to give them. We are there as anti-subjugators. Although we are OCCUPYING Iraq, we are not SUBJUGATING the Iraqi people. That’s why they have their own democratically-elected government.It is essential to get this message to the Iraqi Sunni. We are not anti-Sunni and we’re not there to allow the Shiite to subjugate the Sunni. We’re there to make sure that NO-ONE is subjugated. I’ve already tried contacting the US Psyops department to tell them this vital information, but they’re not responsive.

  4. Changing the way one looks at the world, or one’s attitude, is one of the hardest things imaginable. It means redefining everything about one’s self and one’s environment.I know because I’m a sober alcoholic. Alcoholism is a disease of attitude as much as a physical debility. My motivation was that I dreaded life as much as death, which doesn’t leave one much of a way out.In reading blogs by people from the middle east, I think I see people trying to look at things in new ways. But as I can’t read Arabic, and these are English language blogs, it’s hard to tell how much difference a good education makes, and the exposure these people may have had to other ways of thinking.Certainly nobody wishes these difficulties for another human being or human society. Best wishes.

  5. A new generation of Arabs exists that is desperate to break this cycle of enslavement. This new generation wants to step out of this circle of destructive reactions and controlling governments that do nothing for the people they are meant to represent.We want to put an end to the concept of blind revenge. Look at the protests taking place around the world and you will see standing in the front lines young Arabs calling for Peace. We could be teh new face for the Arab world. If we were given a chance.Our generation is fed up with the calls for revenge that have brought no results besides death and destruction. We are assembling, desperate to provide for the innocents in Lebanon, to help them in any way we can. But how? Our efforts are small when our own governments do little or nothing at all. We hunger for progress, but face a brick wall. And unfortunately, what is happening in Beirut right now breeds more anger and desire for revenge. Therefore we, the new generation, intent on finding peaceful means to solve our region’s problems, are losing appeal. And so the cycle of enslavement continues.

  6. I understand and share your frustration Reem. I know that there are a lot of people like you who wish to break this foolish cycle and are not receiving the necessary support to accomplish that neither from governments nor the society at large. Ours is a multilevel struggle, and we seem destined to go through it on our own. So, no matter how frustrating things can get, we need to find ways to organize ourselves and to network together so we can empower ourselves. No one else, besides ourselves, has a real interest in empowering us.

  7. From Philip I []Two years ago, a teacher (mouallem)at a Pakistani fundamentalist Islamic school (madrassa) was asked by an interviewer what his six- year-old pupils will think about life when they reach the age of 16 or 17? “When they reach that age, we know exactly what they will be thinking” he beamed.Contrast this with the work that Azmi Bishara is doing for Palestinian kids in Israel and guess which of the two groups has the better chance of developing into more reasoned human beings.

  8. Paul Edwards, I like your theisis that Subjugation is the source of many evils.I would like to add to it another twist. If we look at many of those who are pushing us into misery you will find that they are pushing themselves too in that direction.What is usually happening is that we value a collective such as the “Arab Nation” or the “Palestinian Poeple” more than we value men and women who are the component of this collective.I think that once we start thinking in term of individuals many things become simpler. What is important is not for the Arab Nation to be great but for the Arab individual to live in the best possible world. Using this calculus many conflicts will fizzle as they do not serve the indivdual in any way.In summary we should become fierce anti-aggregators as well as anti-subjugators.PS I will let your comments about the great American do-gooding pass even though I think it is bogus

  9. nafdik, I like your anti-aggregator theory! In my message 666 on Sept 11, I expressed it in its component form:I am AGAINST racism. I am AGAINST sexism. I am AGAINST religious discrimination. I am AGAINST dogma. I am AGAINST subjugation. I RESPECT INDIVIDUALS who VOLUNTARILY donate to COMPLETE STRANGERS (ie different race, different sex, different religion) using their OWN HARD-EARNED MONEY. I will FIGHT using my BRAIN subjugation of ANY HUMAN.And I forgot to put “I am AGAINST nationalism”. I don’t know why you think that America is not a do-gooder. It has saved the world multiple times. It provides a security umbrella that the entire free world operates under. Australia is also a great anti-subjugator, the only country with a perfect track record of defending freedom (WWI (on time), WWII (on time), Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq).

  10. nafdik, I’ve been thinking more about your anti-aggregation. I support the strengthening of NATO. I support the strengthening of the anti-subjugators. So it is really aggregation based on race/sex/religion/nationality that needs to be discouraged. Aggregation on the IDEOLOGY of anti-subjugation or humanism should be encouraged. We want the liberal democracies to win.

  11. On the other other hand, anti-aggregation is a great way of explaining that we shouldn’t discriminate against people whose surname begins with the letter “E”.

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