Please Do Talk to the Moron!

David Lesch, Thomas Friedman, Warren Christopher and Edward Luttwak (who had enough dignity to actually beg), allwantthe US to talk to the Assads of Syria in order to help contain Hezbollah and the threat a conflagration in Lebanon poses to regional stability.

On the other hand, French President, Jacques Chirac, and head of the Saban Center for Middle East Policy, Martin Indyk, are advising against this course of action, arguing that this will come as a reward to the very people responsible for the current mayhem.

So, what should the current US administration do? And how should we in the Syrian opposition feel about it?

Well, I say that the US should indeed talk to the Assads, just to get this thing out of their system, and I think that we, members of the opposition, should feel quite safe in this regard, because the possibility of the two sides actually reaching any agreement, and the possibility that these talks could actually last more than a few hours to begin with are as realistic as Ralph Nader’s chances of becoming the next President of the United States.

So, Condy, please do talk to the Morons in Damascus. You only risk developing a greater sympathy for our plight as a people.

6 thoughts on “Please Do Talk to the Moron!

  1. I am at a loss about the reason so many are concerned that Warren Christopher and Thomas Friedman have suggested that the US must talk to Damascus in an effort to find a solution to the current crises in Lebanon. Each of the above two gentlemem has recommended contacing the Syrian regime not in order to negotiate with the Syrian Ba’ath but in order to deliver a message that the international community expects Damascuss to play a helful role by cutting off its support for the military activities of both HA and even Hamas otherwise the Syrian regime will become a persona non grata. Such a message/request/lecture is not to be interpreted as seeking the help of the Syrian regime as much as delivering a stern message about what is expected of it. In that cast I have no problems talking to the “Moron”!!!

  2. Ghasaan, I agree completely. Yaman, this was not necessarily a jab at Ralph, but a realistic assessment of his chances. Third party candidates no matter who they are, never had a real chance at winning the presidential elections as you know. I could have easily said Ross Perot, I guess, but he is so old news now. In fact, is he still alive?

  3. He is still alive, but Ross Perot once had a really solid chance at screwing things over for the Republican Party. Wasn’t he running above 20% in the polls at one point? If he had performed that well in the actual election, he would have caused a significant realignment within the Republican party. Nevertheless, he did withdraw and reenter the race losing a lot of his momentum, but he made a dent large enough to hand Clinton the presidency.It is a valid analogy nevertheless. But Ralph Nader is like a god to me, and if you persist in mocking him, I will burn down the Syrian embassy in a fit of emblematic rage, and then boycott Knafeh.

  4. yaman said… By the way the jab at Ralph Nader was totally unnecessary =)I disagree. I totally Blame Mr. “Unsafe at any speed” for George Bush’s current Presidency.Interesting Factoid.In (jewish) prayers, we usually havea prayer for the leader of our county.From December 2000 until September 2001 I refused to rise or say this prayer, as my personal “anti-bush” message.Personally, I don’t think a MORON (our president) will choose to speak to YOUR president…Sigh… Way too difficult..

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