War Cries!

Cool heads do not seem destined to prevail in the region these days. They are too few to begin with. In fact, I can only count one: Fouad Seniora. The hot heads, on the other hands, are too numerous to list in toto, but they surely include: Mahmoud Amhadinejad, Hassan Nasrallah and Bashar al-Assad. The first has just wasted his fifteen minutes in the UN by failing to offer anything of substance to advance his country’s cause. Grandstanding may get you a few laughs and applause (a la Chavez, I guess), but not understanding or support.

Meanwhile, the last two has just performed a bizarre sort of a Laurel and Hardy act by threatening UNIFEL and slamming all their opponents in Lebanon, accusing them of treason and of being agents for Israel, which is not only dumb, but very unimaginative on their part.

Still, what we see here is coordination in action once again, the Radical Alliance is upping the ante once again, and the ground seems set now for a Round Two of sorts with Israel. For, everybody wants to provoke the beast again. Everybody needs a distraction.

I wonder what sort of guise the provocation will assume this time!

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  1. And we all blogged happily ever after…But one more note, by way of having the last word, or, at least, the temporary pretense thereof, historical lessons are always too costly and never cost effective. Go figure.

  2. Spoken by a person who had occasion to taste both Syrian and Israeli Hoummos (not to mention Falafel), I can safely attest that Syrian Hoummos is the best Hoummos on God’s Earth, so Jews might have invented, who cares? We perfected it. So, if we can give us the Golan back, we will offer you a taste of perfection in a little greasy spoon in the Midan District in Damascus known as the Darkhabani, or a little place in al-Salhiyyeh District known as Bouz al-Jidi. We can then march on to the Tomb of Ibn Arabi and discuss the enduring relevance of Gnostic teachings in the age of postmodernism and globalization. One’s take on Gnostic experiences in the aftermath of a traditional Hoummos experience will have certain psychedelic qualities that only the initiated can really appreciate.

  3. LOL……wow….hmm…last year, while on visit to Damas.. i went and paid my respects at the tomb of Ibn Arabi (oddly serendipidous was the fact that it was up the block from my aunt’s home where i was staying). But I forgot to indulge in a Hummous experience first!!!…..so i guess i missed out on a sufi psychedelic moment…..damn!but as for hummous, it is true, the Syrians ARE the best. I made Hummous myself for the first time two months ago….in hopes that I could prove to myself that i really am syrian. After a few trial runs, I delivered it to the mouths of my Aunt and Uncle, who are the real deal, of course. And well…….I got an A! a low A, i would say…A- maybe. But hey! that is pretty good for a halfsy ……. american. Perhaps, I can attribute my success to the fact that I am of Medany decendence….

  4. Alex……you’re terrible…..yes, Zenobia still loves Ammar…. not just his words…. had to get over the trauma of the Brando comparison ……and the War…but….it is still true…..

  5. I have to say that I am not responsible for the Brando comparison, nor the Steven Segal comparison, albeit, no has made on this blog yet. But they keep on making it in person, and I have no idea why. I mean, is a poney-tail really enough?

  6. Whats this thing about hommos now , Howie not enough that you monopolized our land you want to monopolize our culture? i let you go with racism and israel’s last imported version of racism called AVIGDOR LIBERMAN , but i cant let you go with hommos , if you ever learned anything good from palestenians it was hommos and falafel try Saied hommos in Acco , the other guys here cant get there , as much as you cant get to taste the pleasures of Damascus..unless you get them the Jolan back…

  7. Ishtar-Actually…in 1982, an Arab friend that I worked with took me to Saied’s.I asked for hummos…my friend was shocked that I did not order shish kabob etc…but I LOVE hummos. Anyhow..they did not seem to fully understand that I like the “paste-like ” hummus. Instead they brought out this huge bowl of uncrushed hummos smoothered in a gallon of olive olive. Kind of a funny little story. I was too polite of an American to say…”what the hell is this?” Actually tasted pretty good.Oh..and the Jews invented olive oil.

  8. So what is the best way for an American of European descent to make hoummos? Am I cursed to a life of the hoummos sold at Whole Foods, that either tastes like very bland peanut butter or contains such innovations as sun dried tomatoes and jalepenos? I know of many Persian resturants and markets in Dallas, but I would be hard pressed to find a Syrian one. Would Lebanese hoummos come close?

  9. Kevin-Since the Jews invented hummos…for ready made…try a brand called “Sabra”…There is an original one from Israel that is very good called Sabra and a copy called Sabra (probably a Lebanese imitation). It comes in a plastic container and has pine nuts.Oh…and the Jews invented the plastic container.

  10. Well…….you can look on Wikibook Cookbooks…….or do what i did below (directions came from my stepmother) …..the trick is how much olive oil you want to put in there…..the more the better it tastes… but of course there is calories involved. And you can make it more or less garlicy depending on your tastes. My relatives don’t put olive oil directly in… they use some yogurt instead…but…i haven’t tried that yet.“Well it’s different every time. Basically since you have a Cuisinart, go buy canned chickpeas, lemons, garlic, salt, paprika, parsley, cumin, olive oil. You have to keep tasting as you go but I think this Lebanese recipe has the right idea. Reserve some of the chickpeas for decorating with later. You can mash salt and garlic into a paste. The bulk of the chickpeas put in the cuisinart; add the garlic, salt, drizzle in olive oil, add lemon, whirl it around. Add tahini. If it’s way too thick to whirl add more oil, or lemon, or a very little water till it whirls. Taste. Usually you have to put in more salt, lemon, or tahini. I’m guessing with two 16 oz cans of chickpeas, you’ll use 1/2 cup of tahini, 2 lemons, 2-3 teaspoons salt, 3 cloves garlic. Syrian pepper is good to add also. Decoration is CRUCIAL. Spread the hummus out in a nice dish or platter. Make spoke lines of paprika crossing the circle alternating with lines of cumin powder. Chop parsley and arrange that nicely — maybe on the border of the platter. Take the reserved chickpeas and make little piles of them — one in the middle, one of each corner etc. Then take some nice olive oil and drizzle it over the top in a circle pattern. Usually appetizers will have things on top that indicate what’s inside of them, hence the chickpeas on top. How’s that?FOOD IS THE ULTIMATE DEMOCRATIC TOOL I THINK.

  11. Alex-Where did you guys learn to speak Arabic anyhow…Kubeh…HehBy the way…what’s with the food we are supposed to be concluding that everything is the Arab’s fault…or did I miss something?

  12. OK, I’ll take you back to war and peace … or war and war perhaps.Sorry, In Arabic onlyThe main story from Al-Hayat, the largest Arab newspaper (moderate, Saudi owned) ACTIVE DIPLOMACY COULD NOT STOP PREPARATIONS FOR A PROBABLE REGIONAL WARSummary: all countries (Iran, Israel, the U.S., Syria, and numerous Iraqi, Lebanese and Palestinian parties are all preparing for war. European diplomats pessimistic regarding their ability to stop it.In Israel, Peretz really wants to talk to Syria, Olmert closed the door saying he will never return the Golan heights.Syria will obviously not beg, and will do more

  13. Ammar’s words:”Still, I plan to make them (Assad Regime) work hard and fret and slave and sweat for their survival, every inch and step of the way. And if they stumbled and fell flat on their face, that’s their fucking problem. I believe there are alternatives to them, ones which I will likely oppose once they are in power, so they, too, end up having to earn the right to stay. I will continue to do this until eventually a real democratic system is established”Please keep up the good efforts Ammar! The best way to improve our regime is to apply some pressure and force them to work harder and change for the better!

  14. The applause goes to Ammar. It is educational and pleasing to read your writing. Freedom of speech is very dear and I’m glad that someone from my country is waving the flag of freedom on his people who have been deprived from this word for half a century. This time the comments went too long but it worth it. You reminded me with our group when we called going to Bab Toma to eat تسقئه after heated discussion, we call it Hunting. You know, I like you too because you are my neighbor who never had the chance to meet. I lived in Arnoos where your wonderful mother used to live. Your comments about change reminded me of the sixties the time of the coups. We used to speculate that something would happen because you feel it in the atmosphere. Like you, we had no hands in this but we feel that it will happen against anyone wishes, because the time is ripe for this. However, this time it has been so long without change. It is too bad but change in our area is a substitution to democratic process, which we dream off. I think Alex is that part of the population in Syria who found himself immersed in the guilt of the regime by choice or by economic need. In my recent trip I was surprised to see that in each family circle there is at least one is working in the same line of the government immoral practices. From here you hear the tone of reconciliation and the wish of peaceful struggle, which things way passed this phase.

  15. LOL… i love how all the women jumped on the HOMMOS comment!Howie: “…they are not even a race and only recently have come on the map as a people.”R u serious?The argument of who is more racist than who will never be resolved… Racism is everywhere, it’s just more noticeable in uneducated/uncivilized societies, or more precisely uneducated/uncivilized individuals.

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