Middle Eastern Realities! (1)

Every new conflict in the region becomes inextricably linked to the ongoing Arab-Israeli Conflict as well as western imperialism in the discourse and tactics employed by the various regional actors invovled, who are often more interested in prolonging the said conflict. Festering old wounds are always a good distraction from developing new ones. However, the real panacea here does not lie in treating the causes of one set of wounds at the expense of another, as so many experts end up recommending, but in tackling the real issues involved: the development and democracy gaps. Any realism that attempts a song-and-dance around these issues represent nothing more than a cop-out mechanism, a running away from the real challenges ahead, and will only make the problems worse in the not-too-distant future. For things are moving at a much faster pace than they used to, and any problem that gets neglected today will haunt us all in the near morrow.

2 thoughts on “Middle Eastern Realities! (1)

  1. That’s excellent. It is also a very good reason to ostracize the regime drum beaters who thrive on creating diversions so the people will get blinded and cease to grasp the real issues. People of the region must be re-educated in such a way as to effectively isolate issues in order to devise solutions on an issue by issue basis without creating the imagined web of extremely entangled problems that go on without solutions. This is the status quo that the despots would like to maintain. Bone seeking drum beaters as a result obediently offer their cheap demagoguery in order to add to the confusion. Whereas despots are the main culprits, their drum beaters would best be described as the scum.

  2. The problem in a nut shell:Hate is easier than hard work.That is human nature. The cultures that go against this natural tendency are more successful. Changing culture is a long hard slow slog. If we go by the evidence such a cultural change is not moving very fast. In fact recent history (read the news) would indicate a retrograde movement.

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