Blood & Circumstance!

The attacks on Syrian refugees in Iraq are increasing by the day, scores have been killed so far, and dozens have been rendered homeless or under arrest as terrorists. The campaign is being justified by the Maliki government as a crackdown on terrorists, but these refugees have been in Iraq for decades having been driven out from Syria by their ideological and personal differences with the Assads. As such they have no reason whatsoever to collaborate with the Assads to bring about any instability in Iraq. Indeed many of them are organized opposition members. Some are in fact affiliated with the National Salvation Front.

Coming at this particular point in time, following Iraqi president Jalal Talabani’s trip to Syria and his meeting with his Syrian counterpart among other top Syrian officials, and following the conclusion of a bilateral agreement on security between Syrian and Iraqi officials, the current bloody crackdown is prompting many Syrian Iraqis to see a potential connection here, and the outlines of a sinister plot against them. Indeed, are Iraqi security and military officials helping the Syrian regime settle some old scores with Syrian opposition members in Iraq? While it is difficult answer this question with any certainty, the fact that the Assad regime refuses to allow these Syrian refugees back to their motherland at a time when virtually hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees are allowed to flood Syrian cities tend to give credence to this perception.

But this situation shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. In fact, and regardless of the accuracy of this perception at this stage, arrangements like these, ones that will allow for the silencing of opposition members even beyond Syria’s borders, are indeed the kind of quid pro quos that engagement with the Assads is bound to produce. This is exactly the kind of price that the Assads will demand. An agreement with the Assads will need to be signed in blood, Syrian blood, Iraqi blood, Palestinian blood, Lebanese blood, American blood.

No, this is not meant to exonerate America from its own responsibility with regard to the current bloodletting in Iraq, but it merely seeks to underscore that correcting one bloody policy cannot take place by advancing another. This is what got us into this mess to begin with. The only way forward is to actually proceed forward not roll the clock back to some “magical time” when realist policies turned a blind eye on the various acts of repression and mayhem that regimes, such as the Assad’s, unleashed on their people. This world has grown too small for a policy of willful blindness to go unpunished for long. The world these days seems to allow at least this one certainty.

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  1. For those who do not read Arabic, the following e-mail was sent out by the Syrian Human Rights Committee yesterday:Urgent Call: Armed Militias burn 15 flats of Syrians living in Haifa StreetEye-witnesses have reported to SHRC through direct telephone calls from Baghdad this evening that armed men in Iraqi police uniform have attacked and burned flats in which exiled Syrians live in Haifa Street. Up till now, 15 flats have been burnt.The armed men burnt two flats from block no. 45, belonging to the lawyer Mohammed Bakoor, President of the Syrian Committee for Democratic Action, and his son. Seven flats in block no. 47 were also burnt, one of them identified as the home of the lawyer Abdullah Qawjah, President of the Committee for Defence of Human Rights in Syria, whilst six flats in block no. 49 were also burnt. The number of victims of this attack is still unclear, but the material and physical damage is great.On the other hand, the fates of Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Jarkas, Othman Basabasah and Mohammed Badwai, who were detained by the Iraqi Interior Ministry on 9/1/2007, are still unknown.SHRC once again calls upon the UN High Commission for Refugees to immediately act on this case and provide a safe haven for exiled Syrians living in Iraq. SHRC also calls upon all humanitarian and philanthropist groups to support the Syrian exiles that have been repressed twice, and has no input in what is occurring in Iraq.Syrian Human Rights Committee16/1/2007

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  3. The price of Syrian refugees for more Iraqi security sounds offly familiar.There’s a news report going around about how Iran approached the US in 2003 about ending its support for Hizbullah in Lebanon and Palestine, and not interferring in the (at the time) new Iraq, but that as soon as it got to VP Cheney, the offer was refused: was left out, other than the fact that Lawrence Wilkerson, the main broker of the message for the US went on a month later to be a key advisor in the rival 2004 Kerry presidential campaign, was the actual price Iran wanted for such a truce of hostilities: The “PMOI”The PMOI is the biggest and most powerful dissident group, operating mainly out of Europe, responsible for leaking the intel of Iran’s then covert nuclear program back in 2002 and most recently how exactly Iran has been funding, training, and arming Iraqi Shiite (and a few Iraqi Sunni) militias: with the PMOI finally out of the way, Iran would’ve been fully unchecked in continuing its meddlesome and deadly policies.There’s a good chance, this is the same goal of eliminating the Syrian refugees; to give Syria greater power to carry out it’s objectives unchecked.Other than that less than happy note, Great blog! I came across it while researching the ADC for an ongoing debate about March 14th vs. Hizbullah (I’m pro March 14th) on Bob’s Blog in Lebanon: free to stop by whenever.

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