The Heretic & the Cause!

I never really had high expectations for the American venture in Iraq, because I have always known that the challenges of modernization and democratization are too enormous to be handled in such manner. Indeed, I do not believe in quick fixes and shortcuts when it comes to such major social transformations. There is no way around the mountain (or the abyss) for us in order to get to the other side, albeit it’s quite understandable that we should hope and pray for one. For the alternative is to do what others have done: go through hell in order to get what we want, what we think we deserve and are entitled to. 
But then, some experiences cannot be had for free or on the cheap. All civilized peoples have had to pay dearly for their freedom and their democracy, and so will we. Democracy is not a cure-all, still we need it. It is not cheap, still, we have to get it even if we had to pay with our own blood for it, as we probably will, as we indeed are.

The debate over democracy might be over in some camps, true, but it hasn’t yet really begun in the main ones – our streets, our minds, our psyches, our deeper recesses. So don’t count democracy out so soon. Just don’t expect us to get fucked, get pregnant then give birth all in the span of a solitary month!

The US adventure in Iraq and the region has clearly showed us that dictators are mere manifestations of our real problems, that our sectarianism is intrinsic and deadly, that bottom feeders are numerous and murderous and that our social and state structures are all too fragile. Yet, for all this, we need to change. If anything US failure underscores our deep and intrinsic need for change.

So, and while some insist on seeing in the US failure in Iraq (and the region) an ultimate failure for the cause of change and democratization in the region, I see it as the end of an unfortunate distraction and of a unique, though perhaps unnecessary, learning opportunity (at least for those of us who invested themselves in it even while knowing that it cannot possibly succeed). Now we can go back to the real business at hand, the business that only we can and should conduct. If the US, whether under a Democratic or Republican administration, wants to remain relevant to this business, it can always support us. This is what we have wanted all along anyway, the US support of the cause, not its hijacking of it.

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  1. Firstly condolences on your loss, as a fellow exile I sense and also feel your loss!I have been reading your blog for over a year now, and stumbled on it after the death of Ghazi Kenaan, while doing some research.Amar, as a fellow exile I am curious to know as I have advanced in my years I have also adopted a heretical stance about religion (organised that is ) and have found that through deep reflection that the exile can find peace but still longs for his roots and his home and his self and being?It ( religion can consume you but not destroy you ) and when you find your self you free your self from its fetters.Anyway cheers and keep your spirits up, your loss and beravement is a pain that will subside!

  2. اكدت مصادر سورية ان اعمال شغب واشتباكات حصلت داخل سجن عدرا (شمال دمشق) بين بعض السجناء وشرطة السجن ، وقالت انها مازالت قائمة ، ورفضت المصادر ان تكشف مدى حجمها وان كان يوجد اصابات او جرحى ، ثم مالبثت ان قللت من حجم الشغب ، وقالت انه ربما يكون استعصاء ( اضراب في السجن من قبل السجناء ). واكدت مصادر اخرى ان وزير الداخلية السوري توجه الى السجن الان. ويقدر عدد سجناء عدرا بـ6000 سجينا يتوزعون على 13 جناحا تشمل 138 قاعة تستوعب كل منها حوالي 30 سجينا .‏ ويوجد في السجن حوالي 4500 موقوف مازالوا قيد المحاكمة ولاتوجد امكانيات لتخديمهم اسوة ببقية المحكومين ، و منهم بعض المعتقلين على خلفية سياسية مثل المحامي انور البني والمعارضين ميشيل كيلو ومحمود عيسى المعتقلين على خلفية اعلان بيروت دمشق ، وقالت مصادر قانونية انه تم ايداع كيلو في جناح مع السجناء المعتقلين على خلفية قضايا الدعارة.

  3. I don’t remember who referred to your blog, BUT I thank them. Regarding your latest posting I agree 100%, perhaps. ;-)As an American it really annoyed me that despite the mess Bush created, and someone else would have to clean it up…You are right, the democratization process- needed to be/ needs to be/ is going to occur. Of course its a bloody shame it was done by greedy children getting into the operation room and picking up knives to carve on the patient. Still, God wills it. And so it shall be. The question is, Why can’t we short cut the innocent carnage? Why do we have to send so many souls hurrying on to the next world? This is what someone will be accountable for, eventually. In both this world and the next.God be with you,Edo River rising

  4. It would be very helpful to your United States readers if you would outline exactly what positive U.S. “support” in your opinion would consist of.

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