Diehard Heretic!

I keep hearing this call ringing my ears these days:

“Will the last democracy activists still standing in the Middle East today, please take a bow and leave the stage? The performance has become too lackluster and is no longer inspiring, and the entire show has become rather boring and dull.”

But, being one of those diehard democracy activists myself, even from my base here in Silver Spring, Maryland, if find it too hard to heed that call, and cannot develop any plans to go gently in that good night. Now, how else can I infuse some drama back to the show?

4 thoughts on “Diehard Heretic!

  1. I just read your moms comments on metransparent. Way to gooo ya Ammar Allah Ma3ak, may us lebanese see a free an democratic Syria soon.

  2. Thanks Walid, I will summarize the interview shortly. Alex, the center cannot hold, and mere anarchy will be loosed upon the world.

  3. God bless your mom Ammar, I’m proud of you and let me tell you I’m proud of another thing you might not know, that you are “Ibn Harti”, “Arnous and Shohada”.
    Your mom wisdon is shining over darkness.
    Thak you for taking the risk

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