May 27 – The National Flu Day!

The first step towards a peaceful democratic revolution in Syria might just be as easy as staying home for a day.

Indeed, what if the entire country had the flu on May 27, 2007, and no one managed to leave home to take part in the presidential referendum? Wouldn’t that be something? Wouldn’t that be a logical extension of earlier poplar boycott of the parliamentary elections?

Could there ever be an easier expression of patriotism than developing a case of the flu on a certain given day?

Indeed, let’s make May 27, 2007 our National Flu Day in Syria. Let us by willingly succumbing to one group of hypothetical germs willfully combat the oppression and corruption of a real group of perennial germs.

On May 27, let the campaign for our freedom begin. 

More ideas to come. Suggestions welcome.

And don’t to follow our reporting on Syrian Elector.

4 thoughts on “May 27 – The National Flu Day!

  1. Dear Ammar,
    The presidential referendum is on May 27 not 28. It is a good suggestion for vulnerable people working in the government and still will needs more excuses to be suggested. The Big No from the people who will be forced to go the polls would be appreciated. Encouraging young people of taking pictures of election procedures and its skewed practices should be great for the record.
    I would appreciate if you can highlight the illegal decision of the referendum instead of election as written in the Syrian constitution and as explain in Mr. H. Maleh article on Also highlighting the concealing of the other candidates who submitted their names as candidate like Mr. Khalil from Deir Alzour.

  2. Thanks for the correction Hussam. I was a bit confused I guess. As, for your suggestions, indeed, things along these lines are planned. We have also carried the letter of candidacy of Mr. Khalil on Whereto, Syria? and Syrian Elector.
    Welcome back Free Man.

  3. have your sick day, mean while assad is locking up folks… killing folks…. playing war games in the golan… rearming hezbollah…
    I dont know if you see what’s about to happen but “peaceful” protest against assad is bullshit…

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