How does it work?

Lights_demonstration How does the regime manage to get so many thousands of people to take part in its sham “popular” demonstrations of support to the President? Well, take the candle light vigil, for instance, in which a reported 50,000 students took part, though actual on the grounds estimate put the number at 20,000 only. All the authorities had to do in this case was to collect the ID of the students from different Syrian university all over the country, the IDs they have to sue in order to gain entrance to the exams hall, and voila.

Of course, the exams themselves were postponed because the referendum was conveniently timed to take place around the same time. This gave the authorities certain leverage over the students, who are being told these days that unless they showed that they have taken part in the referendum by showing their stamped electoral cards they will not be allowed to take their exams.

Government employees and all those working with the public sector are hearing the same song. All those who expect to have any kind of paperwork that would require governmental approval, and almost everything in our wonderful socialist state would require that, are now being told that proof of participation will be required. The same rumors were heard around the time of the legislative elections, but this did not stop people from boycotting them en masse. Will the same happen this time around?

Well, we can surely expect some boycott to take place, and we will hopefully be able to document it to the world. But, whether we can accomplish as large a boycott as the one that took place with the legislative elections is anyone’s guess. We are willing to be happily surprised in this regard, and for his reason we should simply focus on the task at hand, while planning to tap into whatever popular currents that have boycotted, their size notwithstanding, in order to help organize themselves into more effective units for civil action in the days and months following the referendum. In all cases, our real work will begin after the boycott. 

Meanwhile, the rally will take place in front of the Syrian Embassy on Saturday 26th starting 12 pm. Please, do show up, the more people take part in this exercise the stronger the message that will be sent to the Assad regime, the Syrian people, and the world. 

Meanwhile, Lebanon is dancing more “energetically” than ever to the drumbeat of the jungle that the Assads continue to foster.

Update: Akhbar al-Sharq reports here on another way for gathering potential demonstrators: the authorities in al-Hasakeh province withdrew the licenses of all taxi drivers in order to “convince” them of the wisdom of taking part in the spontaneous demonstrations of support that took place there. Meanwhile, our reporters in Damascus has reported several spontaneous demonstrations organized by preparatory school teachers, who allowed their students to roam their districts chanting songs of support to Bashar.

And in a place not too far away, the Tharwa Team is busy fighting another battle for freedom. More from our new office there. For English speaker, this short report will give an idea.

Bahrain hit by a second night of unrest
Deutsche Presse-Agentur
May 21, 2007 Monday 10:20 AM EST

The Gulf island of Bahrain witnessed a second night of violent clashes between protesters and police Sunday night, which concentrated mainly in Shiite villages. 

The clashes mark the second night in a row of violence between supporters of the opposition movement Haq (Right) and police.  

Police moved to break-up a solidarity gathering attended by Haq general secretary Hassan Mushaima, and the executive director of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, who were about to face trial on Monday on security charges including the call for the overthrow of the regime.  

Supporters gathered in front of Mushaima’s home in Jidhafs, on the outskirts of the capital Manama Sunday night and attempted to link-up with a march from near-by al-Masala village when police intervened.  

Clashes broke-out between the police and opposition supporters in Jidhafs village before it spread to the nearby Shiite villages of Sanabis and Daih as similar violent clashes broke out in villages in the country’s north and east.  

Protesters hurled Molotov cocktails at police who entered the villages to clear the roads and drive away protesters. There were conflicting reports about injuries on both sides.  

The clashes come just a night after Ibrahim Shareef, the secretary general of the second largest opposition grouping in Bahrain the National Democratic Action Society also known as Waad (promise), was injured Saturday night during clashes with police.

7 thoughts on “How does it work?

  1. Those young people, university educated youths, holding candles, are just sheep to the dictator; what a shame fall on our history and on us.
    The dictator is not only slaving people by taking their rights to express themselves, it is beyond that, it goes further to forcing them to say other than their minds and having them walking holding candles and may be chanting for him. Those youths are not only humiliated by forcing them to do something against their will, they have been fucked up and walked in the streets to announce their lost of dignity.

  2. Silly students! They should always have a forged ID or two around for the police to confiscate.
    Btw, typo alert – this almost was confusing for a minute!! Or a second or two, anyway.
    “IDs they have to sue in order to gain entrance to the exams hall” That should be “have to use in order to …”, I assume??

  3. ان سوريا لحافظها اسد
    Dear Syrian Nationalists,
    I urge you to participate in the Syrian referendum for President, cast your
    “ YES ” vote for President Bashar Assad.
    He demonstrated a great example of Syrian national courage, made Syrians stand tall and proud. Not only he stood solidly against the diabolically Jewish inspired Greater Middle East Zionist Project, but helped defeat it once and for all.
    It was Zionist criminal Jew named Pelosi and other Jewish criminals that traveled to Damascus recently, confused, defeated and humiliated. It was Zionist Negro Rice that begged to meet our great Foreign Affair Minister Muallem in Sharm Al Sheikh, it was Christian Zionist Bush, the genocidal murderer of 700,000 innocent Moslems that relented and let go of his humiliating defeat, asking defeated Jew Olmert, who last summer was miserably defeated on the hand of much powerful and moral force, the Lebanese resistance fighters. Bush, is begging Olmert to go and make peace with Bashar Assad. Olmert, coward, defeated and like his Jewish nation, morally bankrupt and historically amount not much more than a fraud is practically begging President Bashar Assad for peace.
    Is not that enough signs for you to know that President Bashar Assad policies were in the interests of Syria and Syrians, was that stand of no compromise, no surrender, no defeat a winner and a case for pride to all Syrians. Was he not the guest of honor at the recent summit of low achievers, unfitted, unhinged, impotents and coward Arab rulers gathering in desert sand Arabia.
    Yes, the price of goods and rents are up in Syria, but think about it, would you rather pay the price of freedom, liberty, security and dignity or you rather live like the Palestinians in an awful open air concentration camp called Gazashwicz! Faced with Arial rocket attack hourly. Would you want to pay the price of security and pursuit of happiness or walk the streets of your Syrian towns and villages staring at rows of M16 rifle nozzles held by an illiterate American Soldier from some daddy to big it hurt kinda of State like Texas, ready to empty his rifle at your 2 years old child if he felt like it with impunity.
    Imagine if Syria did not have to endure the cost of sheltering Millions of Palestinians, Iraqis, Lebanese, not mention the half a million Armenian Christians, Kurds, Turkmen’s, Cherkassy, and other who ran away from the violence and upheavals that ravaged their land by Western Oil Companies, under the guise of Freedom and Democracy Programs.
    You want to live in Ghadristan or Hariristan State like, mortgage your country to foreign bankers and oil companies! You want to live in concentration camps, you want to live in Lebanese Jumblatian crussaders State go see what it feel like it next door.
    In life we make choices, make your own, don’t let the likes of Kaddam’s, Bayanooni’s makes it for you. Live as a proud Syrian in secure country, under a smart, young and solidly National President.
    Vote Yes for Bashar Assad for President, vote for Syria.
    مركز سفارة الجمهورية العربية السورية– واشنطن
    2215 Wyoming Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20008
    الفاكس: 202-234-9548, 202-265-4585
    الاستفتاء على منصب رئاسة الجمهورية بتاريخ 27 أيار
    رجاء اضافة صوت ايجابي ـ نعم ـ لسيادة الرئيس بشار الأسد, شكرآ
    معتز محمد عبد الرحمن الدندشي
    لوس انجلوس , الولايات المتحدة الأميركية
    صوت شخصي وتمثيلا عن الحزب القومي السوري
    I cast my vote for the first time ever to vote on anything in Syria to re-elect President Bashar Asad, President of Syria. No, I am not making this under duress but this Arabic paragraph below speaks volume why Syrians should re-elect this President.
    Metaz K M Aldendeshe
    Personally and on behalf of the
    Syrian Nationalist Party
    “سننتخب الرئيس بشار الأسد لأنه وفر لنا الأمن والأمان، أراهن أي شخص يذهب إلى بلدان عربية أخرى ويستطيع التجول لوحده بعد العاشرة ليلاً. في سوريا إذا أردت السفر من محافظة إلى أخرى تمشي وأنت مطمئن حتى لو مشيت في أماكن وطرق مقطوعة أيضًا، هناك تآخ ومحبة بين جميع الطوائف، وسوريا هي البلد المثالي في التعايش السلمي بين الطوائف وبشهادة الجميع. وهل يريدون أعداء سوريا أن يجرونا إلى الحرب الطائفية وإلى نزاع نهايته كما انتهت العراق وفلسطين وكما انتهت إليه الحال في لبنان أيضًا، حيث الذين يدعون أن الرئيس الأسد يشكل مع إيران وحزب الله مثلث شيعي ويريد إقصاء السنة في البلاد هذا كذب وخال من المنطق… فقط المراد من ذلك اللعب على وتر الطائفية لبث التفرقة بين الشعب السوري ولهؤلاء نقول كلنا أمة لا إله إلا الله لكن انظروا ماذا فعل… من القادة والملوك العرب هم طلبوا من إسرائيل القضاء على سوريا، وكما أن المواطن السوري، من خلال السياسة الخارجية الناجحة، أصبح له مكانة مميزة في نفوس الكثيرين، ففي مصر ينظرون إلى السوريين على أنهم “أكدع ناس” ويقولونها علنًا إن رئيسكم هو مثال الشرف والصدق وهو من رفع رأس الإسلام”.

  4. Jesus… I certainly hope that last poster was writing a piece of satire and did not really think half of what he was saying.
    American soldiers shooting two year olds in Syria? What planet have you been living on???

  5. “staring at rows of M16 rifle nozzles held by an illiterate American Soldier from some daddy to big it hurt kinda of State like Texas, ready to empty his rifle at your 2 years old child if he felt like it with impunity.”
    This is so outrageous that I think it is a joke! Come on Metaz, let us debate. Let’s talk about a society that is illiterate and living in abject poverty versus one with one of the greatest literacy rates on the planet… Let us talk about people coming from that educated society that choose to serve their country and, BTW, have a greater educational standard than the general public… Hey! Let’s talk about the Lebanese Army who is RIGHT NOW trying to drive Al Queda thugs from their country. Who is funding those thugs Metaz? Could it possibly be SYRIA? Where did they get the dough for the weapons and bullets Metaz? Is this some kind of “Syrian Liberation” happening inside Lebannon? Or are they literally stealing the money from the people of Syria to fund discontent in the region?
    Your post must be a joke! You don’t really believe that anyone reading THIS BLOG is so stupid to fall victim to your rediculous claims. Is it some kind of spambot posting or, are the Syrians that currently rule the nation so God Damned stupid that they think the rest of the educated classes would even give a second to your absurd rhetoric.
    I would love it if Ammar would trace back your IP address to its origins. Grass roots, you are not… Keeper of the thugs that hold the nation of Syria down, you bet! Piece of sh!t, get lost.
    I suggest you talk to Hammas and Hizbola regarding hourly rocket attacks. They seem to control the market, you ignorant idiot. Come on, come back and defend your disgusting tirade.

  6. Hey…I forgot to sign off in an official manner, so here it is.
    Personally and on behlf of the free world

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