“Without outside help more blood will flow”

Interview by Spielgel Online, Germany

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Herr Abdulhamid, in der syrischen Opposition wird der Ruf nach einer militärischen Intervention aus dem Ausland immer lauter. Glauben Sie tatsächlich, dass die Nato oder eine andere Staatenkoalition Baschar al-Assad aus dem Amt bomben sollte, nach dem Vorbild Libyens? Continue reading

Media and Policy Makers Need to Connect to Online “Influentials”

Glad that my twitter activity was helpful in this very important study:

Building on such insights, Jorge Faytong Real and Nishant Patel, two graduate students at the University of Maryland working on a project in Prof. Ben Shneiderman course on Information Visualization, took a look at three slices of the Twitter universe to determine who have been “influentials” during the Middle East unrest.  Faytong and Patel looked at the Twitter network of an extraordinarily-well linked U.S-based Syrian and Middle East activist who tweets in both English and Arabic:  Ammar Abdulhamid—known to Twitter users as @tharwacolamus.[3] Continue reading