The Pristina-Damascus Connection

Cited by Seyward Darby, Transitions Online

PRISTINA | A few weeks ago, three Syrian opposition activists arrived in this small Balkan capital for a short visit. The trio stayed in a hotel downtown – “nothing fancy,” according to one of the activists – and met with various local dignitaries, including Kosovo’s foreign minister, advisers to the president, and the mayor of Pristina. Continue reading

Syrian Opposition Activists Ask Kosovo for Advice

Quoted by the Associated Press

PRISTINA, Kosovo –  A Syrian dissident said Thursday his country’s opposition is turning to Kosovo’s former rebels-turned-politicians for advice on how to topple Bashar Assad’s regime in Damascus.

Ammar Abdulhamid, an exiled anti-Assad activist, said that seeing a new country “emerging out of the nightmare and emerging as a state” could be inspiring for Syrian dissidents. Continue reading

A Heretic in Doha!

Taking the plane out of Syria had a new feel about it. No. It’s not freedom. After all, I am only going to attend a conference and will be back to Damascus in a few days.


Indeed, it is a different sort of angst that I feel now, hard to decipher or fathom. It will take me a while to figure it out. Still, one thing is certain at this stage. The Lull will not last long. The Lull will be coming to an end all too soon. Like it or not, I’ll have to be ready for a new round of interrogations, confrontations and threats. Yes. This time there will be threats.  Continue reading