Analysts: Romney knowledgeable, less hawkish at presidential debate

Quoted in the Washington Times

On Syria, close observers felt neither candidate presented a serious plan toward resolving the bloody civil war that threatens to destabilize the entire Middle East.

“In Obama’s case, this is quite disheartening because he’s been following the situation and been involved in it from the beginning,” said Ammar Abdulhamid, a fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. “It’s as if he’s putting together a eulogy rather than a policy.”

While Mr. Abdulhamid credited Mr. Romney with doing “some good posturing” on Syria policy, he added that it was “not clear if Romney is going to bring a coherent policy other than saying we’ll throw some weapons at the problem and hopefully it will solve itself.”

The (S)Elections!

WhirlpoolmotifSyrian Elector plans a live around the clock coverage of the Syrian Parliamentary elections, starting Saturday evening and ending on Monday evening. Reactions by average citizens, experts, opposition figures, and academics, even US officials when possible, links to relevant articles and reports will be included. And so will your comments, if you have any to make. Your views, analyses, remembrances and/or jokes on this interesting showpiece of Baath dramatizations and on elections and reforms in Syria in general will be appreciated by one and all at Syrian Elector and will be inserted all through the ongoing commentary on events. Write in either Arabic or English, the Syrian Elector Team will take care of the translation. Direct your correspondence to: tharwacolamus @ Continue reading

And So It Begins!

The dabbling in the electoral process by the usual suspects begins. The Governor of Homs in Central Syria has just issued what he describes as a “loan” or a “refundable fee” that each independent candidate that seeks to run in the upcoming elections has to pay. The purpose of this bizarre procedure, Governor Ghazal explains, is to prevent irregularities. If the candidate can prove at the end of the campaign that he had run a clean campaign then the fee will allegedly be refunded. Continue reading

5733 Candidates to the People’s Assembly!

I guess this means that we have a free, fair and open democratic system.  Syrians of the world (because only the world will have you now) rejoice!

And if that’s not sufficient reason for jubilation, let’s celebrate the President’s recent assertion to the Saudi newspaper al-Jazeerah that only Syrian courts can try Syrian suspects in connection to the Hariri assassination. For this must mean that we have a just and impartial judiciary system.  Thousands of people in Old Damascus must feel quite safe knowing that. They have no reason to worry about anything. For when leonine justice prevails, that’s about the only thing you’ll have to worry about.

The Electoral Game in an Authoritarian State!

What is the purpose of holding parliamentary elections or any sort of elections in authoritarian state? To deny that the state is authoritarian of course, and to be able to claim that the ruling regime does indeed represent the will of the people, that it is, therefore, legitimate. This claim to legitimacy becomes even more necessary when the state faces a crisis, especially when the crisis is directly related to the foolhardy policies enacted by the regime. Continue reading

A Heretic in the Wind!

A recent article in the Time paints me as the central figure of some cockamamie covert plot to overthrow the Syrian regime. But, and while I’d really like to see our illustrious regime overthrown and reconciled to the dustbin of history (to borrow a term that is so dear to the hearts of regime spokesmen),news of my involvement in such “sinister” plot come as news to me as well. I was never aware of that fact that I was that creative. I think I should take up writing again, soon. Continue reading