Twin bombings shake Syrian capital

Quoted in the Christian Science Monitor

Meanwhile, exiled activist Ammar Abdulhamid interpreted the attack in a very different way:

Assad’s grip over Damascus has become tenuous at best. Rebels are able to conduct bombings and attacks even in the most secured areas aided by informants embedded within Assad’s own security establishment. The battle of Damascus is set to begin at earnest soon, in what promises to be a very bloody development.

The Fodder & the Flock!

What’s really happening with Islamist groups in Syria? Are they finally turning against the very regime that for long sponsored them, in the belief that a chaotic situation in Syria will better serve their interests at this stage? Is the Faustian deal that has for years united the two radically opposed camps, the Alawite regime and the Sunni extremists, and according to the which the latter camp was granted safe haven in Syria in exchange for reserving their violence to other people and countries and in accordance with some of the regime’s most notorious policies, finally falling apart? Or, have the Assads of Syria decided that turning against their unlikely allies at this stage will bolster their image both with regard to the domestic scene and the international one? Continue reading


As the Assads try frantically to maneuver public opinion back into an 80s frame of mind, with some degree of success one has to admit (albeit the knack of Islamists terrorist cells allegedly working in the country toattack empty buildings is stretching the boundaries of credulity of even the most naïve observer), they are also helping create an environment where all sorts of sensationalist and cockamamie rumors tend to flourish, both in Syria and beyond. Just check out his latest piece of stupidity pointed out by Joshua (please note the two telling “maybes” in the above paragraph): Continue reading