Back to Action!

No, believe it or not, I haven’t watched a single match from the World Cup so far. Indeed, I just had enough time to keep up with the scores at the end of a long day. But I do hope to get a chance to follow the finals when the time comes (because I really feel like I am living inMogadishuat this stage).

So, my short two-day absence from the blogosphere was not soccer-related in anyway, as some might have predicted. Indeed, I am not that predictable yet all due thanks and praise to my heretical stars. Let’s just say that the official explanation for my absence is that I was otherwise preoccupied. This will have to do for now. Continue reading

A Few Notes on Al-Jazeerah’s Role in Covering the War in Afghanistan

Interventions from an international electronic debate

Date: 5 Oct 2001

The recent request by US Secretary Powell of the Qatari Prince to “reign in” al-Jazeerah Network, the “independent” Arab News Network, is rather unfortunate and unwise. Opinions of professional journalists aside, for the average man in the “Arab Street,” al-Jazeerah represents a “democratic” medium through which he can express himself. The sentiments and opinions expressed by the various correspondents of the popular network seem to echo his own. As such, to say that al-Jazeerah fosters or provokes anti-American aggression is really missing the point. It is rather reflecting the anti-American feelings out there. Continue reading