White House Dismisses Reports of Aid to Syrian Rebels

A quote in VOA:

Syrian human rights activist Ammar Abdulhamid, with the Washington-based Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, says his contacts in Syria tell him there is no evidence of a surge in aid to the rebels.

“I do not really see any intensification of these efforts.  I see a lot of leaks, it seems to me, that were sort of primed to show that something is being done.  But the reality is, so far on the ground, we have not detected any real involvement by the U.S. in the ongoing military operations in the country,” Abdulhamid said. Continue reading

Blood & Circumstance!

The attacks on Syrian refugees in Iraq are increasing by the day, scores have been killed so far, and dozens have been rendered homeless or under arrest as terrorists. The campaign is being justified by the Maliki government as a crackdown on terrorists, but these refugees have been in Iraq for decades having been driven out from Syria by their ideological and personal differences with the Assads. As such they have no reason whatsoever to collaborate with the Assads to bring about any instability in Iraq. Indeed many of them are organized opposition members. Some are in fact affiliated with the National Salvation Front. Continue reading

Hidden Currents!

First posted on my short-lived blog Tharwalizations. 

The continued influx of refugees from Lebanon into Syria is adding more pressure on that country’s economy already burdened by its having to cope with over 1 million Iraqi refugees. Could situation lead to an unexpected eruption of hostilities? A serious clash between Iraqi refugees and local residents has already taken place a few weeks ago in the poor suburb of Jaramana on the outskirts of Damascus. Authorities seemed to have been caught off-guard and their reaction was not as swift as one would expect from a police state. But then, Syriais becoming an increasingly fragile country, and a number of clashes between its various sectarian and ethnic groups have already taken place over the last few years. A pattern might indeed be emerging and the situation could take a nasty turn in the not so distant future.