Rebels With a Cause, But Not Much Consensus

Syrian opposition fighters are committed to Bashar al-Assad’s ouster, but disagree on just about everything else.


As President Bashar al-Assad’s forces disintegrate, the Syrian civil war is devolving into a battle between Sunni rebel groups and Alawite-dominated militias fighting in support of the old regime. This may increase the rebels’ chances of victory, but it also means that the work to rebuild Syria after Assad falls will be even more challenging. Continue reading

The Pristina-Damascus Connection

Cited by Seyward Darby, Transitions Online

PRISTINA | A few weeks ago, three Syrian opposition activists arrived in this small Balkan capital for a short visit. The trio stayed in a hotel downtown – “nothing fancy,” according to one of the activists – and met with various local dignitaries, including Kosovo’s foreign minister, advisers to the president, and the mayor of Pristina. Continue reading

Syria: Civilians in Homs Trapped While UN Runs

Quoted by Rhonda Parker,

Syrian in exile and Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies out of Washington D.C., Ammar Abdulhamid, has been calling for more active international intervention in Syria, and added another addendum in his Syrian Revolution Digest Syria report last night. Continue reading

What Will It Take to Convince Putin to Change Course?

Quoted by The Philadelphia Inquirer

Syrian opposition activists tell me that the Russian Embassy in Washington has scheduled several meetings with different factions of the external opposition. “The Russians offer power-sharing with Assad,” says a leading Syrian human-rights and pro-democracy activist, Ammar Abdulhamid. “They want to push the opposition to talk to the regime.”

Abdulhamid said Russian Embassy officials “told opposition activists: ‘The Americans won’t help you. You had better come to us.’ “

Death Toll Climbs Now in Hama Bombing

Quoted by Rhonda Parker,

However, as Washington-based Syrian pro-democracy advocate Ammar Abdulhamid stated on his Syrian Revolution Digest website, “This revolution is against the Assad regime not just against Assad, the sooner the Russians and Chinese understand that the better.”

For Tuesday’s death toll, Adulhamid also documents a total of 54; with 15 dead in the town of Hiffeh (Lattakia Province), 13 in Hama; 9 in Homs; 5 in daraa; 2 in Aleppo, 3 in Damascus and 1 in Hassakeh.